I got a lot of professors and students ask me about how I teach my social media class at the University of Louisville after they saw the post about my class on Hootsuite  (thanks again to the Hootsuite team and to Taylor Loren for this wonderful opportunity!) I thought it would be appropriate to share a Prezi of my syllabus that I will be showing my students in a few weeks.

This course is not necessarily an introduction course to social media, but it’s really more focused on the strategic application and communication message strategies that comes with social media practices. It’s an upper division course, so I will be having mostly seniors and juniors in the class.

This course will acquaint students with practical knowledge and analytical skills necessary to create, evaluate, and execute social media and mobile campaigns.

In addition, this class is going to  provide lectures, iconic and current case studies using social media and mobile, group and individual assignments (like Hootsuite University), and engaged activities that will help students in developing a strong social media skill set to take to future job and/or internship interviews.

Lastly, we are going to have some great speakers come in both in class and virtually to share their insights, expertise, and best practices with the students and what to expect when they enter the workplace.

I am still finalizing some of the elements to the course, but it’s pretty much ready to go for the fall semester. I am very excited about the guest speakers we are going to have come to class as well as the assignments and projects/topics we will be covering as well. 🙂

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,