When we are talking about how corporations are using social media – we think about how they are using it to benefit themselves in terms of promoting their new products to their customers or trying to pitch possible news stories to the media about an event they are sponsoring.  However, what are the other benefits to social media?  Well, social media can definitely help a corporate reputation by interacting in a positive manner with its online audiences by being transparent and open.

Plus, one of the benefits of social media (ex. Twitter) is that it provides a human side to a corporation.  If a corporation is upfront and transparent in who they are and are responsive to their audiences, they will be more successful than those that are not.    Successful corporations and brands that have done this include Jet Blue and Soutwest Airlines.  People want to get to know the people behind the brand name.

I remember when I was competing in track and field in both high school and college, there were athletes that people liked because they ran fast or they threw far – but there were other athletes that had fans that were following them because they liked them as a person.  These relationships will be more long-lasting compared to those that are just successful.  What if a crisis happens and your luck runs out – will your “friends” and “fans” still be around to support you?  Maybe, but maybe not -there are many “fair-weather fans” out there, and the same can go for various audience groups for corporations and brands.  Establishing these personal and long-term connections is key for successful social media practices and campaigns – especially for these corporations.  Corporations have to tailor their social media campaign to their specific audiences and learn the  social media business etiquette.  Yes, some corporations may be successful now, but if they don’t keep their eye towards the future – this may be the highlight of their business lifespan if they are not careful.

These are just a few of my thoughts on the subject.  Hope you all have a great day! 🙂

Best Wishes,