My QR-Code for my Curriculum Vita on my main site! CLICK on the picture above to visit my main site!

QR-Codes are transforming the public relations and mobile marketing fields.  From looking at information about a new product to comparing textbook prices at various bookstores, or looking for information about a person – there are so many opportunities that are possible with this new form of technology.  Mashable recently published a very interesting post about these new codes and how businesses (consumer products and services, restaurants, and others) can use these strategically and create their own codes.  The steps to generating your own unique QR-code is pretty easy to do – you all should check it out!

So, how would you personally manage your reputation and brand by sharing information with people online?  Well, there are several ways that you can do this.  What I have done is created my own QR-code for my CV – which allows people to scan the code for my CV, and upload it to their mobile device from my website.  This allows the other person to be able to view what I have listed in my CV for their mobile records quickly.  Also, you can put these codes directly on the back of your own business cards – definitely something I will be doing in the near future.

In summary, public relations professionals have to be up-t0-date on the latest technologies, and we have to be aware of some of the latest trends that are currently being discussed in the field.  I do believe that if businesses and PR professionals who embrace QR-codes and use them strategically in their campaigns and managing their reputation, they will certaintly be separating themselves from the rest of the field.

Hope you all are having a great day.

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