from the movie: "we know what your client did last summer!"

from the movie: "we know what your client did last summer!"

Here is what I am reading today:

“Bounce rates are the bane of a blog’s existence. The higher the number, the less engaged the reader (and the more depressed the blogger). A sticky blog means more engaged users. It means more opportunities to turn them into advocates who then share your content. “

“While social media may be the pervasive form of communicating online today, it’s not without its inherent flaws and dangers. We’ve seen companies made and ruined, as well as the same happen for personal reputations, all because of the behavior that is relayed via social media. While it’s always infinitely easier to give advice than to take it, sometimes what we have to do is take a step back to examine cases as they have happened in order to learn from them.”

“Facial recognition software has been a facet in science fiction stories and television for decades. The truth is, though, real, honest-to-goodness facial recognition software has been used for social, security and creative reasons for over ten years now.”

“PayPal has just released a hype video depicting what the future of shopping might look like with the introduction of PayPal’s next generation payment platforms, as they aim to re-imagine money.

It includes everything from person to person “bump” payments and transfers, location based offers that instantly transfer real dollars to your PayPal account for use in a certain store, barcode scanning with price referencing, QR code check-out, instant scan to pay from barcodes to skip the cash register line and a full post-checkout money management platform that let’s you choose how to pay, after you’ve actually paid for it.”

“Since the advent of what we would recognize as social media in the mid-2000’s, discussions over business use of social platforms have mostly focused on social’s value as a communications and marketing tool. But by focusing so narrowly on talking to customers, have we neglected the other half of the conversation – listening?

Don’t get me wrong – social gives businesses an enormous opportunity to change the way they talk to customers, and as technologies advance, marketers should be on the forefront of developing new ways of reaching the people that matter. And marketers do talk a pretty big game about listening, but that usually takes the form of fixing individual consumer complaints, monitoring levels of negative sentiment, and pulling verbatim quotes to provide color to larger consumer-focused initiatives.”

“The case brought by authors and publishers over Google’s vast book-digitizing project is headed to trial at last. But the parties told the federal judge handling the matter that there is still hope for some kind of settlement.

At a status conference on Thursday in Manhattan, Judge Denny Chin agreed to a trial schedule that would have the litigants in court by next summer. However, lawyers in the case told Judge Chin that settlement talks, especially those between Google and publishers, had made progress, Publishers Weekly and other news media reported.”