My Sister Kristin sent me this picture of the Labor Day Celebrations at West Point!

Here is what I am reading for today:

“The coolness continues: Mashable staff went “stocking,” Fashion Week went digital, and television went social. Learn how to budget a startup and how to modernize your resume. In the last hurrah of summer, we dose out the cool in this week’s features roundup.”

“Forty-five years ago, the first episode of Star Trek aired on NBC. It was five years after the Soviet Union launched the first human into space, and the franchise explored a fictional 23rd century “United Federation of Planets” through a crew based on the starship Enterprise. Six television series and 11 movies later, some aspects of Star Trek no longer seem futuristic (people still don’t live in space, but they are working on vacationing there).”

“Desperate times or not, everyone could use a refresher course on the state of the job market these days. And when it comes to the tech industry, employers expect the cutting edge. That’s why we’ve brought you a hearty roundup of over 50 job resources targeted for the digital pro. Discover how social media can benefit your job hunt, or even hinder it. Study up on how to score jobs at top tech companies from the sources themselves. Learn what it takes to digitize your resume, cover letter and portfolio. “

Why do people follow brands online?

People love to get deals—or at least they love to think they’re getting a deal. That’s the driving force behind the decision by many social media users to follow a particular brand on Twitter and Facebook. For this and several other revelations about the wonders of brand following in social spaces, check out this infographic from Razorfish, Econsultancy, and Social Media Today: “

“Ubisoft and GAME have teamed up to launch an Augmented Reality iPad Game that lets you race cars from the new release around just about anywhere you can place a marker…

Once the app is loaded, you can start your race by pointing your iPad2 at the marker, from there it will setup your augmented reality track, allow you to choose your car and then let you loose to post the fastest possible lap time on a global leaderboard… On the first day, the app was downloaded over 6,000 times, hit the top 20 apps and was created by the guys at AGI.

I love the concept, but I can’t help feeling that AR on iPhones/iPads is still clunky. Thoughts?”

“Nike has introduced a self-lacing shoe known in sneakerhead circles as the “Marty McFly shoe” because it seems to be based on technology previously only seen in the Back to the Future movies set in 2015.

The introduction of Nike Air Mag was reported by sneakerhead blog Nice Kicks which displayed an invitation to a Los Angeles-based press event on Thursday along with the video above called “Marty McFly’s Closet,” which was posted Sept. 6 and already has more than 63,000 views on YouTube. Nike confirmed the launch on Thursday with an event featuring Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox. Nike announced that 1500 pairs of Air Mags will be auctioned on eBay, with all net proceeds going directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which is aimed at finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.”