Want to know more about social media, ask someone who uses it! 😉

Here’s what I am reading today:

“So you blog for your company, clients, and yourself? How would you like to receive more traffic every time you write for your clients from social media, but also search engines? How would you like ongoing traffic like a content stock portfolio that grows every year? You might say, “Sure, doesn’t everybody?””

BRAND AMBASSADORS. CONTENT MANAGERS. EVANGELISTS. These are all words that are often used to describe the constantly evolving social media manager of today. In order to be a successful one, he or she must take on a pretty demanding schedule of constant updates, meetings and tweets — all the while maintaining an effective online presence.”

Brands try to inspire excitement among their communities so that their fans and supporters will do the selling for them. That’s called advocacy, and it’s much more powerful than self-promotion. There are of course many ways to cultivate that fan base and get your advocates motivated On the flip side, however, are “badvocates” –- the folks who spread negative comments about you with their networks. For example, Kevin Smith’s experience with Southwest Airlines.”

The growing cohort of iPad owners — wealthy, tech savvy, and increasingly female — is emerging as a powerful driver of online retail sales. Having spent countless hours at swim meets over the past year, I can personally attest that the iPad has become a must-have mobile device for many suburban moms, who seem especially fond of shopping (and playing Scrabble) while their young children compete in the pool.”