My readings for today:

‘The search is still on for Sheen’s “Tiger Blood intern.” It doesn’t necessarily sound like a legitimate job, but his social media intern posting on generated thousands of applicants, and is yet another example of a growing trend: businesses that hire employees to manage social networks.”

“A group of social media users have come up with a creative way to help people suffering in the wake of Japan’s current environmental disaster. The idea is called “Quakebook,” a collection of short stories about individual’s experiences after the disaster. The book’s author reportedly got the idea from reading a tweet before it sparked many people’s interest.”

“Oh, the things you missed this weekend! We found secret stuff, revealing clues and more rumors about the iPhone 5, as well as a sneak peek at Windows 8′s user interface.

But there was evil afoot. Hackers broke into an email database, stealing away with a tremendous number of addresses, scaring us up quite a bit. But that was nothing compared to that plane that suddenly developed a hole in its fuselage, and a brave soul brought back pictures for us to gawk at. Scary stuff.”

“Remember Gmail Motion, the new feature that lets you use body gestures to compose and send emails in Gmail? It was obviously an April Fools’ joke, but now it’s also real, courtesy of the folks from the Institute of Creative Technologies.”

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