before there was 911 there was dec 7

Here is what I am reading today:

slide show of december 7. CAPTION on above photo: “Sailors in a motor launch rush to rescue a survivor in the water alongside U.S. Navy battleship USS West Virginia after an attack by Japanese carrier based strike aircraft on the Hawaiian port of Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. REUTERS/U.S. Navy Photograph/Newscom/Handout”

“January is a time for beginnings. For a student, it marks the start of a new year, a new quarter, and also marks the beginning of the hunt for competitive summer internships and winter recruitment. Yes, that’s right—five to six months before school is out, students begin scouring job search engines for that perfect position to add to their résumé.

As a result of the increasing competition for those “hot” internships and jobs, students spend their time over break researching companies and updating their résumés. Due to the increasing importance of social media in the work place, students should think about adding a few new to-dos to their list.”

” REI have just launched their first store in NYC, probably a weird place to have an awesome, hardcore outdoor store right? Well, not if you can convince New Yorkers that the real outdoors aren’t all that far away, and what better way to do that then tempt with augmented reality ads.”

“Are you a curator or a broadcaster? How much social media traffic would be reduced if we stopped talking about social media on social media platforms? I would bet quite a lot. In fact, I would not be able to write and publish this post. But that aside, let me please proceed.”

“In business, and for our purposes, let’s say that creativity is simply finding new solutions to old problems. In that sense, much work — or at least much of the best work — is creative work. Inventing a new product or technology certainly qualifies, but so does coming up with a fresh marketing approach or opening a new sales category. Still, the potential field is not unlimited. Jobs that are heavily structured, with a lot of repetition, generally don’t require a lot of creativity, and filling such positions with creative people can leave them, and you, frustrated.”

they want REAL ads

“I was reading Martin Lindstrom’s new book, Brandwashed, and this quote really struck me as being relevant to digital advertising: “We’re sick and tired of picture-perfect babies and flawless models. Why do we love YouTube videos so much? Because they’re imperfect, amateurish, and the people in them remind us of us.” This is why, in places like Whole Foods, we’re seeing more and more Brussels sprouts and tomatoes still tethered to their stalks, many with dirt still clinging to the roots and leaves still hanging from the stalks.””