Louisville Football Cardinals!

This past weekend, all of my teams won! Florida (my undergraduate), Tennessee ( Ph.D.), Southern Cal ( Masters) and the University of Louisville! Congratulations to all!

Here is what I am reading today:

“We’ve been posting a lot of guides, features, lists and other social media content over the last few weeks, but today we decided to do something a little more fun. Since it is almost the weekend, we decided to round up the best iPhone games you can find so you can make that commute shorter or to just help you kill some time. Featuring over 20 varied and addictive games, we’re certain that whether you’re a regular gamer or just like to play something every now and again, you’ll find something here that you’ll enjoy.”

“Not too long ago a reader asked me my how to use Instagram hashtags within a social strategy. Well even before he asked me that question I was thinking of a bigger question: In which ways can a marketer use Instagram in social media marketing?”

“I believe there was some kid who watched those original episodes of Star Trek… That kid grew up, became an engineer, a designer of product, and is responsible for a piece of technology in the flip cell phone that’s more prevalent now than toasters,” Burton said in our final Media Beat interview. ”You look at Bluetooth ear devices, Star Trek. You look at Flip cell phones, Star Trek. Devices, seeing devices for the blind inspired by Geordi‘s visor? Science fiction literature and pop culture really is a main conduit for how we invent our future reality.””

 “A Canadian car dealership is giving consumers the chance to win a brand new Audi in a first-of-its-kind Twitter ‘race’.For the chance to win, thanks to Pfaff Automotive, Tweeters must race their way to 2,500 new followers. The first ten to do so will win a key, one of which will open the door of a brand new 2013 Audi A4. The winner nets a free tuning package worth $5,000 and a year-long lease.”
“The number of live humans following you on Twitter might be significantly lower than your profile’s “followers” number states. This infographic below shows that many celebrities and politicians on Twitter — often with millions of followers — typically have more than 30% fake followers. “
“Even though Instagram has been around for only two years, the site continues to explode in popularity, attracting nearly 100 million users. “
“Considering the success and hype that surrounded Pinterest earlier this year, another site has been quietly going about its business and slowly growing. Since it was first created in 2007, Tumblr is one of the older social media sites out there, but has found a dedicated audience thanks to its quick and easily digestible posts. Also, the major difference between Pinterest and Tumblr is that while Pinterest is more about sharing links to content, Tumblr is all about blogging.”
“There are situations in your work life where you are in a meeting – your boss will always talk about cutting-edge technologies and throw in few technology jargons like Cloud Computing, Social Media etc and will  stress about how the company need to build competency in areas surrounding that.But the question is how does your boss get to know about these upcoming trends and start pushing the organisation in a direction so as to plan and leverage these technology in business?”

“This is perhaps the coolest (and scariest) piece of social innovation I’ve seen in a while now and easily the best thing since RFID tags were linked to Facebook. FaceDeals is a deal platform and hardware solution combined to deliver check-in deals based of facial recognition detection when customers walk through the doors, automatically checking them into the location, and texting them a deal to claim at the point of sale. How cool is that?!”