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Here is what I am reading today:

“Rovio has introduced a Halloween treat for Angry Birds fans: A new Angry Bird. The orange bird doesn’t have a name, but does have the ability to blow up several times his size. The bird, which is introduced in the video above, is part of Angry Birds Ham’O’Ween, a new collection of 30 Halloween-themed levels.”

“Have you seen the new Volkswagen Beetle? At first glance it’s actually pretty cool and decently aggressive. A major shift for Volkswagen’s Beetle. So how did they launch the biggest ever re-vamp of a classic old car? Well, through a series of standard billboards, bus shelters and just about every other traditional print-based media property they could buy…”

“PR Daily published a story this year from PR professional Lauren Fernandez on the 11 signs that someone works in public relations. (The story originally appeared on Fernandez’s blog.) The article unleashed a flood of comments that we compiled into a second story (“42 more signs you work in PR”). Here, we combined both stories: The first 11 signs are from Fernandez, and the other 42 come from our readers.

1. Your day starts and ends with a cup of coffee.”

No matter what they throw at them, they keep marching forward! FIGHT ON!