Reputation Institute 2012

This year's Global Conference! I'll be there ... will you??

Here is what I am reading today:

“…As the PhoneDog lawsuit demonstrates, that’s a major consideration. If your profession involves communicating with the public, then your Twitter following will be taken into account by future employers. Apparently, that’s worth quite a lot: the $340,000 lawsuit nets out to $2.50 per follower in Kravitz’s Twitter audience.”

“You have a problem.

Your brand is launching a campaign targeting women in their 20s. Some know your brand; others do not. How do you engage your established fans while appealing to newbies?

Do you simply blast one message across a variety of platforms?

No, you don’t. Instead, you adopt the unified marketing approach.

For instance, you might build a rewards program for your loyal customers and send coupons to those new to your brand in the hope of winning their loyalty. All the while you’re reaching them through various formats: social media, traditional advertising, PR, etc.

““Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans,” said a wise John Lennon, and that was before the dawn of the social media age, which sees us fervently engaging in aspirational living without actually getting out there and doing the things we chat about, or taking ownership of the items we so publicly covet.”