Emerile's Delmonicos in New Orleans

while at Emeril's Delmonicos in New Orleans we were treated superbly!

Here is what I am reading today:

““Gamification” is one of those magical buzz words that is simultaneously grating and legitimately useful. Whatever you make of the jargon, gamification is a huge trend for marketers, who use game mechanics — such as rewards, leaderboards and challenges — to build brand loyalty, grow their community and boost sales.”

“Our Technology development team, working with our Product development team, did a brilliant job using HTML5, the programming tool kit of the future. Last August, we built and launched article pages for the Web with HTML5. Now come their mobile counterparts. That sequencing makes it possible for us to create content once and efficiently publish it across multiple platforms and devices.”

“Want to learn how to cook a turkey? There’s an app for that. Want to pluck the feathers off a turkey and watch him squirm? There’s an app for that too. With a multitude of Thanksgiving-centric apps, there is no possibility of you getting bored or antsy this holiday season.”

” …First, the techies and code-breakers jumped in to figure out how to boost visibility by doing everything from smart meta-tagging to content seeding. Now, thanks the Panda Update, Google (and the other search engines too) are rewarding high quality editorial content. For brands-, companies- and organizations-turned-publishers these changes should mean more visibility for your stories. As I explained earlier this year, the authoritative voices on a given topic will be rewarded under the new system with greater visibility in the form of enhanced search engine positioning. This is important, I believe, as it rewards strong journalism over gaming the algorithm.”

“Things are heating up in the Times Square visual overload arena! This time with a new Disney Parks Augmented Reality Billboard experience that spans across Times Square. Disney have taken over the entire American Eagle Outfitters digital billboard set and then across the road have installed the Augmented Reality experience featuring all of their popular characters.”