Dad and me in San Luis Obispo, California today... and it's warm!

Here are a few readings for today!

“I’ve had a number of ardent website infatuations over the past year, and more than a few crushes, but if there’s been one persistent love (of the website variety, that is), it’s been Tumblr.”

It was a bittersweet week in the Twitterverse. Some of us cheered for our entertainment and sports heroes while others lamented the loss of some notable public figures. Soccer (football) took the top trend for yet another week thanks in part to a controversial appointment to the Newcastle United Football Club. Chileans tweeted feverishly about their biggest telethon, landing the media event in the number two slot. And talk of the NBA was hot as LeBron James faced his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammates on the court. Basketball chatter hit the number three mark…..”

“….around 48% of parents friend their kids on Facebook.  That makes sense — parents love stalking, er, keeping tabs on their pride and joy. But does that mean you have to accept said request — especially if you’re prone to posting embarrassing pics (don’t say we didn’t warn you)?”