Psy Who?  Well, that is what people are saying right now when it comes to viral dance sensations.  Harlem Shake appears to be the new viral sensation sweeping across various industries, businesses, and universities alike.  From Facebook employees to the Today Show to other sports teams like the Diamondbacks, everyone seems to be jumping on board.  Harlem Shake is not a new dance – it was created back in the 1980s during the Harlem basketball games.

Well, we even got a chance to implement this even at the University of Louisville.  This is one of the things that is exciting to be part of a great social media community – they are always on top of things when it comes to the latest trends!  We first got word of this plan early in the week by the social media team at UofL Athletics and how they were going to do the Harlem Shake at the Men’s Basketball Game on the 14th. For more about the event, check out Lizelle’s post on this viral trend as well. Lizelle is one of my social media students as well as a social media intern for UofL Athletics.

Here is the video showcasing the Cardinal version of the viral dance sweeping the nation right now:


What did UofL do that was different from other Harlem Shake videos from a social media perspective?  There are actually several things they did that I think no one really else did.

  • Behind the scenes storytelling: We got a chance to see the practices and videos in preparation for the UofL game via Ptch. Here is just one of the videos showcased and shared by Nick Stover on Ptch. You get to see the humor and fun the students are having with their practice – which communicates transparency and authenticity about the experience and program, which results in effective visual storytelling.
  • Introduction to the UofL Video Community:  This video really does highlight the experience of what it is like to be at UofL and their social media strategies.  It is really a community with athletics, students, fans, faculty, and Louisville residents.  Here is the video about the dedicated community for UofL athletics on Ptch.
  • Getting the word out via social media:  Whether it was Twitter or Facebook, UofL Athletics got the word out about the Harlem Shake event on the 14th for everyone to see. This was what was effective since it was a coordinated effort to generate buzz and word of mouth communication.  Here is the image we got to see shared, commented on, and discussed on both FB and Twitter. The visual highlighted the main information for the event along with our hashtag #L1C4 as well.

In summary, I imagine we are going to be seeing more of these videos, and it was exciting to see UofL jumping on board with this along with other brands and universities.  We will see what happens next and what is the next viral thing to come up via social media.

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,