My presenter badge for the World PR Forum in Melbourne

I had the pleasure to present during the research colloquium at the World PR Forum here in Melbourne, Australia. This was an event where many researchers and practitioners came together to talk about some of their research as well as what are some emerging trends they are seeing in practice.

There were several themes that came out of the World PR Forum from my perspective.  First, the growing need for practitioners and scholars to be not only on the same page, but collaborating on solving emerging issues and addressing trends in PR is paramount. This has been of course a growing trend we are seeing in the States, but it was good to see this being discussed in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and even Asia as well.

Second, one of the main things that was discussed at the conference of course was social media.  With the growing reliance and use of these emerging technologies in PR, this was definitely discussed as one of the main things researchers and practitioners in PR have to be aware of.  It was interesting talking with some of the professors from Australia when it came to social media. It was fun talking with some of them about what they were doing in the classroom with social media as well as in their research studies.

Lastly, the theme of transdisciplinary work with PR was also was present.  Everyone discussed the growing role and presence of using not just PR professionals in campaigns or research, but recruit artists, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, and systems engineers to be part of the group.  I got the chance to share my experiences with working with psychologists and systems engineers, and everyone was excited to hear about it.

I had an amazing time presenting at the World PR Forum here in Melbourne.  My research looking into various situations and how they are perceived via multiple platforms on food safety was received very well by the conference attendees and organizers.  One of the interesting things I found out about the research colloquium was the fact that there were only a few of us here from the USA. I think that these conferences are wonderful opportunities to share knowledge, gain insights about various PR issues not only globally but also in another country like in Australia, and networking with fellow practitioners and scholars in PR.

Welcome reception for World PR Forum at Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne

I definitely recommend to all of my friends and fellow colleagues in PR back in the States to consider looking at the upcoming World PR Forum as a possible venue to present research in the future. In addition, I felt very welcome by all of the World PR Forum organizers at the conference.  They were professional, kind, and made sure I felt welcome and comfortable during the conference.  Thanks again for a wonderful experience!

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,