It looks like this summer is going to be pretty busy for me with conference presentations!  This does appear to happen to me a lot, but it is all good! 🙂 Conferences are a great way to network with fellow professionals in the area, meet new colleagues and potential collaborators, and experience new cities and places. 🙂

One of the organizations that hosts a great annual conference is the Reputation Institute. I first heard about them from one of my favorite professors at USC, Dr. Craig Carroll, in my reputation management class.  They have done a great job in providing insightful research, practices, and case studies to help researchers and practitioners in the area of reputation management.

So, I am very excited to announce that the paper I worked on with some amazing colleagues and friends of mine (Kristin, Sabrina, Monica, and Christy) has been accepted at the Reputation Institute Conference!

This is actually the one conference I have attended ever since I started my academic career, which is amazing! I have been part of this conference since I began the PhD program at the University of Tennessee back in 2008 where I attended my first RI conference in Beijing, China. It was a wonderful conference to be part of and really got me interested in exploring the area of reputation management within crisis communications and social media.

My first international presentation in 2008

Over the years, I have presented research that have focused on particular case studies such as Heineken (Amsterdam), SMIs and social media (Rio), mobile technologies and reputation management (New Orleans), and crisis message strategies in social media (Milan).

Presentation from Milan (2012)

This year, our paper explores the role of a spokesperson in a crisis and proposing our new value model supporting this within social media.  It’s a very exciting project and will make sure to share the presentation for the conference in the next few months. I am also very honored to work with such amazing professionals and scholars on this paper as well.

Now, the conference is going to be held in Barcelona, Spain!  I have never been to Spain, so I am very excited to visit and learn more about the culture and business environment. It is one of the many places I have always wanted to go to and I am very excited to not only be able to present research I have been working on with my colleagues, but also explore a new country.  These experiences will not only help me personally, but I will be able to share these stories and presentations with my students as well, which is great.  There are so many opportunities out there for presentations, so I always tell my fellow PhD colleagues and friends they need to look for these because they are not only a great networking and research experience, but you also grow as a person when you travel internationally as well.

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,