UPDATE: Day 4 Pictures

It was indeed a very busy day yesterday at the Reputation Institute – a great day filled with interesting plenary sessions and breakout sessions.  I particularly enjoyed Barbara Gibson’s presentation on online reputation management and social media – she made some excellent points and suggestions for public relations professionals to be aware of when it comes to new technology.  This was both insightful and timely  – thank you Barbara!

It was also the day that I had to present three (yes, three) papers during the RI Conference Roundtable sessions.  Kristin and I worked on a Q-sort study focusing on analyzing personality characteristics of Social media influencers, and I worked individually on a case study involving the WWF and the Tsunami ad and its connection towards global reputation sustainability.  The third paper was focusing on a collaboration on looking at the recent TVA ash spill case from a reputation management and information seeking perspective.  In my roundtable sessions, we got some great insights and comments on our research, and Kristin and I had the honor of having Prof. Dr. Cees van Riel of the Reputation Institute as our moderator.  It was very exciting!

After the round table session, it was off to a traditional Brazilian BBQ meal.  To say the least – it was absolutely fabulous!  I have not had so much steak in my life since I was a track and field athlete.  Everything was good – even the chicken heart dishes!  It was a wonderful experience to meet and great, and eat some amazing food!  Kristin and I took many pictures to share with Dad on what he may like to prepare for us (hint hint! :D)

The Reputation Institute is also cutting edge with its social media activities – they are encouraging Twitter users to tweet and comment during the conference by using the hashtag #ririo, and the response has been great!  Some of the top Twitter users at the Conference have been Linda Locke, Barbara Gibson, and Guy Campbell – great insights and thoughts on the conference! 🙂 Also, it has been a great experience to meet new friends (Linda Locke) as well as catching up with RI friends (Dr. Craig Carroll and Guy Campbell).  The RI Conference overall has been fabulous!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Best Wishes,