There have been many things that I have really enjoyed during my time here in Amsterdam.  From having authentic Dutch pea soap to presenting that the Reputation Institute to enjoying the sites that represent Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

nothing like a boat ride with friends!

nothing like a boat ride with friends!

Presenting at the Reputation Institute Conference: Being among the leading practitioners and researchers in Reputation Management was absolutely amazing!  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of the presentations by leading scholars and practitioners at the conference – from Dr. Fombrun to Dr. van Riel to Dr. Hostede – they were all amazing!!!  The conference was three days long – and we had a busy itinerary!  We had presentations, breaks to meet with other professionals and scholars, and formal dinners and events (canal cruise).  It was an absolutely amazing experience for me – it was an honor to present during the poster session, and meet such extraordinary individuals.  I have made so many new friends – it has been really great!  The RI Conference is definitely going to be marked down on my calendar each year as a must-go-to conference.  Can’t wait till next year in Rio! 🙂

Seeing the main brand of Amsterdam – Heineken:  Going to the Heineken Experience was amazing!  The tour was very innovative and friendly – and I thought that each room offered a new perspective of the highly respected global brand.  I have told my friends that if they are in Amsterdam, this is one place that they have to go and see!

UPDATE: Pictures from Day 5

Soaking in the Dutch Culture:  Voldepark and Rijksmuseum. One of the things that Amsterdam is known for is its culture and museums.  One of the first things that I did while in Amsterdam was to go to the Rijksmuseum.  What an wonderful place to see gorgeous art works!  Voldepark is also a very pretty park where people can take a picnic or go for a run on a sunny day.

Tasting the Dutch cuisine – Pea soup, Appleflaps, and more! My family and I are definitely foodies – and one of the things that I really enjoyed was the fact that I got a chance to thoroughly enjoy the local cuisine.  To say the least – it was beyond amazing!!!  So many things to try out – so little time! 🙂

So, these are just a few of the highlights of my time here in Amsterdam!  Hope you all are having a great day!

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UPDATE: My Index of my Adventures in Amsterdam