Earlier this month, I had the pleasure to attend the IMC Faculty and Student Weekend Event at West Virginia University.  Not only did I get to meet and talk with the fabulous faculty and students at WVU, but I also got a chance to be part of the crisis communications panel with Professors Rebecca Anderson and Tina McCorkindale.  The panel was taped and available on the web for those that were not able to come to West Virginia – and now it is available to see on Vimeo. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of this panel, and the questions and audience was really great – they asked some really important questions about not only crisis communications, but what can marketing and public relations professionals need to do in order to proactively handle a situation.


I hope that you enjoy the presentation!  In case you are interested, the rest of the panel presentations and key note speakers are also available on the Vimeo IMC page. 🙂  Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Best Wishes,