Snapchat in the Classroom: Assignment and Must Follows

Snapchat continues to grow and evolve as a social media platform. We have seen many brands use the social media platform to engage and interact with others. Gary Vaynerchuk discusses how Snapchat is growing up as a platform because social […]

Social Data, RTM, and Trendology: Guest talk by Chris Kerns to #Freberg15

One of the things I have tried to do in my social media class is to connect my students with professionals both online and through guest speakers. We had the wonderful opportunity and¬†privilege of having Chris Kerns speak to our […]

From App to Web: Flipboard’s latest developments and strategic applications for social media

I have been a fan of Flipboard for many years. It is a great resource to follow certain topics like social media, crisis communications, and even social media pedagogy for many professors and professionals. I have used Flipboard to share […]

Exploring Kentucky Derby Festival’s Social Media Strategies & Best Practices

I am a firm believer of bringing in some of the leading voices and professionals in the field for my classes, especially for my social media class here at the University of Louisville. Today, we had the pleasure of having […]

#SB49 Social Media Reflections: RTM, Strategic Integration, and “Brolling”

Super Bowl 49 has come and gone, and it’s time to reflect on not only how the teams did (wish the Seahawks had won!) but also how the commercials did overall. However, I was looking at not only what was […]