Exploring Kentucky Derby Festival’s Social Media Strategies & Best Practices

I am a firm believer of bringing in some of the leading voices and professionals in the field for my classes, especially for my social media class here at the University of Louisville. Today, we had the pleasure of having […]

#SB49 Social Media Reflections: RTM, Strategic Integration, and “Brolling”

Super Bowl 49 has come and gone, and it’s time to reflect on not only how the teams did (wish the Seahawks had won!) but also how the commercials did overall. However, I was looking at not only what was […]

Reinventing PR: Inspirational ideas and points from Stephen Waddington

I have a list of favorite and must read blogs I usually check out and read on a regular basis. Some are social media related, but there are others that are focused on PR, crisis communications, and even sports and […]

Exploring the opportunities with Shocase: A new social media platform for PR and marketing professionals

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#FrebergAlum meets with #Freberg15: Paying it forward in social media

I had a chance to bring forth four amazing, talented, and really awesome former students of mine to my social media class. This is the second year I have been able to do this for my social media class and […]