Snapchat Branded Lense Campaigns: Best Practices and Strategies

I have become an avid fan of Snapchat just in the past year – if you would have told me I would feel this way, I would have laughed. However, the more I use the platform and engage with friends, […]

Analyzing the VaynerMedia & Thrillist Party Situation from a Crisis Communications Professor’s Perspective

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the biggest names you see right now in the new technology and social media sphere. His presence on and offline is pretty impressive. He is always on and really has established his brand to be […]

Collaborating in higher education w/ Adobe: Reflections from Creative Campus Collaboration

Adobe has been a staple and institution for higher education programs, universities, and classes. I remember my first experiences with Adobe back in the day at Florida as an undergrad. I have always been a fan of their software and […]

Exploring Ireland: Lessons and takeaways

In the years I have been working as a professor (and even a graduate student), I have always taken work with me wherever I go. It’s part of the job – I always have something going on whether it is […]

Expanding your conference & research network: Presenting in Dublin

One of the things I have noticed – being in academia now for a few years as both as a doctoral student and an assistant professor – is there are certain conferences in which we are encouraged to go to […]