Happy Anniversary, Twitter: What I’m thankful for what Twitter has given to me as a professor

Today marks Twitter’s 10th anniversary of being around, which is quite the accomplishment looking at some of the other social media platforms and their longevity and presence in the industry and society. To be honest, when I first joined Twitter […]

Building opportunities for students: From fellowship to internship opportunities

One of the things I have thoroughly have found the most rewarding thing about teaching is to not only share my enthusiasm for PR and social media, but mentor my students to help them achieve their goals and dreams after […]

Possibilities are endless for Sports teams and Snapchat #SMSports

As each week goes by, the more of a fan of Snapchat I am. I know this sounds weird – but it is probably one of the biggest turn arounds I have had as a professor and researcher in social […]

Exploring your brand & network: Managing Online Reputation Audit Assignment

Understanding your brand online is probably one of the most important things professors need to articulate for their students today. This should be at the core of what every social media class covers – in fact, you could almost have […]

Social Media Pedagogy Research: Our Hootsuite Paper has been published in JPRE!

We had our recent study on Hootsuite this week in the Journal of Public Relations Education. In the years I have been working in research, this was one of my all-time projects to work on for many reasons.   First, […]