As an educator, I try to give back whenever I can to the profession. Whether it is meeting with students about internships or providing them with an opportunity to get a professional experience that will help them in their careers. That’s been one of the things I love about being a professor, and this week, I have had the chance to help pay it forward.

It’s one thing to say you will pay it forward to the next generation of professionals and other colleagues, but it’s another to take action on it. My motto for this year has focused on translating what I say on social media and offline into actions. Actions that could make an impact on someone’s life and make a difference.

With that, I am excited to announce I am partnering with Front Office Sports to run a contest where the winner will win a pair of Snapchat Spectacles.

The bot arrived in Louisville a few weeks ago (VERY exciting) and I was not only able to get two pairs, but I was actually able to talk with the pros at Snapchat about why I was buying these two pairs of Spectacles. It was pretty cool!

I wanted to partner with Front Office Sports for several reasons.

  • They are rockstars. What Adam and his team have created for the sports community is tremendous and so awesome to be a part of. These pros (and students) are some of the hardest working people I have seen.
  • FOS has been super supportive to me and my students. They have given me some amazing opportunities as well (thanks!) and helped out with my former students as well. I have two former students from UofL who are contributors (Joe and Chase) – very proud of them!
  • They embody paying it forward and mentoring others. This is a big reason for why I wanted to reach out to FOS about this contest with these pair of Spectacles. They truly walk the walk and again have done so much to help students, fellow professionals, and educators.

I was able to write a guest post about the details of the contest and what you need to do to enter, but make sure to follow Front Office Sports on Twitter and use the hashtag #OneChanceOnePair (props to Adam for the idea for his hashtag!)

I am excited to see what everyone creates for this contest!

Best Wishes,