The fall semester is finishing up at most universities and most faculty have some time to catch their breath and enjoy the holidays.  However, while one semester ends, another begins shortly after the fall semester concludes.  This is where I will be this upcoming holiday season along with spending time with my family, enjoying amazing cuisine, and working on research.

I will be teaching three courses next semester in the Spring at the University of Louisville.  I have been teaching the Intro to Strategic Communications class along with Strategic Communication Writing, but this will be the first semester I will be teaching Social media at Louisville.  I helped establish the social media class at Tennessee during my last semester in my PhD program, and I am looking forward to this opportunity and exploring the various technologies out there that are available for both businesses and practitioners.  In addition, I think it will be great to work with students who are engaged and excited about working with emerging technologies from a communication standpoint.

There are some tips I have for fellow professors who are interested incorporating social media either in their already established classes, or if you are already thinking about creating a new class.  I have created this Prezi presentation with some tips and suggestions on how you can create an engaging social media class.  Also, I have highlighted a few things I will be doing for my class in the Spring as well. From assignments to guest lectures to proposed topics to cover in class, all of these elements are highlighted in this presentation. I am excited about this new class and I think it is going to be a lot of fun to teach!

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,