It was exciting to see my email this morning when I was notified I was featured as a researcher who does social media well to promote their research via social media.  The email came from Elsevier, and I had several of my colleagues who saw this and sent their congrats my way.

I was contacted a while ago from Elsevier and they saw my tweet about the news of a recent publication I had in Public Relations Review with two of my friends and colleagues, Dave Remund and Kathy Ketler-Previs. Here was the email they sent out:

So, how can researchers utilize social media to share information, updates, and engage in conversations with fellow colleagues and community members? Well, there are several ways you can go about in doing this:

  • Make sure to have the associated hashtag used on Twitter among professors: For PR, we have the #prprofs hashtag to share updates, news, relevant articles, and other documents on Twitter to other professors in the area. Figure out what are the professor hashtags being used in your field and make sure to update your community with your news.
  • Share links on Facebook and LinkedIn: Most of my friends in PR are also on Facebook and LinkedIn, so you may want to add additional comments about the study and publication on both of these sites. The point is to initiate engagement and a dialogue with these audiences about your research.
  • Write a blog post about it with associated key words:  Your blog is your hub of information while social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are extensions of this platform. As soon as you get the news, write a post, highlight your colleagues and provide a link to their websites or university pages, and start sharing this post through social media as well.

In summary, professors and scholars not only have to understand the various characteristics of social media for their students, but they have to use the platforms as well to initiate dialogue, build and formulate relationships in the field and in practice, and share relevant updates on projects and studies they have gotten published in academic journals or at conferences.

Social media is a wonderful way to build communities surrounding your professional and personal interests in the field. I would like to thank Elsevier for contacting me and featuring me in their email regarding this – thank you! 🙂

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,