As promised, I am going to continue writing about my experience with Glass on my blog. The subject for this week’s post is focusing on real world application of the tool from a student’s perspective.  This opportunity first started of course on social media, in particular on Ptch. We have a great Ptch community here at the University of Louisville, and I have been uploading my videos and pictures from Glass to be incorporated into these short videos to capture the experience of wearing Glass. However, one student who was very active in commenting on my Ptchs was McKay Jones. McKay is a social media intern with UofL Athletics, and was very interested in trying out Glass.

What did I say? Or course you can try out Glass and see what it is like. I thought it was not only important to try out Glass and some of the basic tools, but use it out in the workplace. McKay was able to use Glass to take some great video clips from walking around campus and to his current position in the UofL Sports Information Office. As a professor, this was a real-world application of a tool we are hearing all about in the news, and this was a great opportunity to use this experience as a teachable moment.

So, I was able to show McKay how Glass works and join him on his tour with Glass on campus at UofL. We also met up with his boss, Nick Stover, who is the director of social media and engagement for UofL Athletics.  McKay was able to test Glass out with Nick as well as show him how to take pictures and videos. Another teaching moment with Glass! 🙂

You will want to check out McKay’s Ptch on testing out Glass at the UofL Sports Information Department.  Another cool note to mention here is the fact that McKay is the first student at the University of Louisville who has done this, so that is very cool. Congrats, McKay!

McKay’s picture of his account on Ptch #throughglass

In summary, Glass is still a tool that is being tested out and in beta, but it is something all professionals – professors, students, and practitioners – need to be aware of and understand. As a professor myself, I feel that this is a tool that can definitely be applied to research and teaching purposes.  Several professors are already part of the Google Glass program and discussing the potential of this new tool in the classroom. It is exciting to be part of the conversation and community to help shape how this can be used for future products using augmented reality technology.

In addition, it is key for all professionals in social media to need to know how this technology can be tested, used, and applied in their various roles and professions. There are still a lot of potential uses for Glass across the board and it was cool to see how people react while using and trying out Glass. It’s definitely a fun tool!

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,