I am very excited to announce that I am part of the Google Glass Explorer program. I applied to the program a while ago saying I would use the new wearable technology tool for research and teaching. I found out a few days ago my Glass was ready to pick up, so Dad and I ventured down to LA to pick them up. Here’s my Ptch of my experience.

So, what exactly is Glass? Well, here is the site where you can learn more about it at your own leisure, but really it is an evolution to where emerging media is going with wearable technologies. You are able to stay connected with your networks on the go as well as share, communicate, and be informed of other events and activities happening around your geolocation. It’s pretty exciting to see how technology has been evolving so fast!

A lot of people have their reservations with Google Glass related to privacy and security – however, what I found out is that there are a lot of things that are either not being presented online or traditional media that is consistent with what Google is presenting on the product. There are a couple of things I learned during my training today that I did not realize:

  • You can allow others to test out your Google Glasses: There was a myth that if you let others use your glass then it would no longer work. There is a guest mode, so friends and family and test it out and even take their own picture and videos – which is cool. I didn’t know about this function.
  • While it is still in the Explorer stage, you are able to still do a lot: You can get access to the weather, news, emails and send out tweets/FB updates/Google+, and get directions. Only thing to note here is that there are a couple of features that are available on the Android app compared to iOS – of course since Android is by Google. 🙂
  • Sharing your experiences through video and pictures: You can take pictures to be shared directly to Twitter, Facebook, and your specific circles on Google+. Also, you are able to take videos and participate in Google Hangouts as well. The battery life allows you to do this, so one of the ways I plan on using the tool is with my social media class in the fall at the University of Louisville. Very exciting!
  • Privacy and security cones down to the responsibility of the user to make sure to use common sense: It does come down to the user to make sure the device is off when needed as well as evaluate whether or not the situation calls for Glass to be implemented
  • This is an evolving media tool, so there is still room to grow: Some tech specialists are talking about what Glass offers and doesn’t offer, but this is why there is an Explorer program. We have a dedicated community where we are all invited to talk, discuss, share, and brainstorm ideas on how to make the product better. To be part of this community is very exciting because I feel in some way I have a chance to influence where this product can go in the future.

I will be dedicating a post each week to what I am experiencing with Google Glass. From how to use it for research to teaching opportunities to best practices, I will try to cover each topic as I go through the program. So far, I have been very impressed with the features and abilities it has.

Stay tuned to my weekly posts and I would love to hear from you all about any questions you all have with them!

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,