UPDATE: Day 2 Pictures!

Kristin and I spent our first full day in Rio de Janeiro in true IBWM style.  Kristin arrived in the morning and we headed out to have breakfast at our hotel overlooking Copacobana Beach.  It was just absolutely amazing – you could see all the way out to Sugar Loaf Mountain.  So, after breakfast, Kristin and I decided that we should walk along the beach and check things out.

After taking pictures of the beach and our feet in the sand (of course!), we looked at Sugar Loaf Mountain, and thought – well, it looks close by, why don’t we just walk over to it?  Being close meant that it was about 6 miles away!  But it was a good work out, and in addition- it gave us another view of Rio de Janeiro that we may have not seen otherwise.  Kristin and I did this when we were in Beijing in 2008 – we walked EVERYWHERE!  It was not only great exercise, but it gave us more insight into the culture and people of China.  Same thing goes with walking around Rio – we definitely did that yesterday on our way to climb Sugar Loaf.

The view from Sugar Loaf was totally worth it – it was absolutely amazing and just so pretty!  We were very excited to be up there and take everything in.  This was one of the things that we had on our must-do list in Rio de Janeiro, and we accomplished this during our first day!  We ended the day having a traditional Brazilian meal and went to the night market.  It was indeed a very fabulous first day in Rio! 🙂

What is next?  Well, today is the first day of the Reputation Institute Conference and we present tomorrow afternoon with our papers.  I will keep you all posted on how it goes. 🙂  Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,