It is Super Bowl Time! Great times spending with friends and family watching football and celebrating a classic American event.  Football is definitely one of my favorite sports to watch and follow – and the Super Bowl is indeed a fabulous event!  Another thing that people associate with the Super Bowl are the commercials featured during the event.

Some of these commercials have been very successful, some have not, while others make us stop and think – wow, that was interesting!  So, what can we expect for commercials this year in the Super Bowl?  Well, we have been able to see some of these since they have been released early thanks to social media.  So, how is social media changing how marketers and companies approach their campaigns and commercials for the Super Bowl?  There are many different ways that they are evolving the overall process – but Mashable provided a very insightful post regarding how social media is transforming the overall marketing strategy implementation of these commercials with these commercials.

One thing that I have definitely seen that social media has done for corporations and other entities involved in large events like the Super Bowl is the fact that it allows an engaging dialogue with the online community and has generated buzz regarding a particular commercial featuring a product or issue of some sort.  One commercial that has generated a lot of buzz so far has been the Darth Vader and Volkswagen commercial.  This commercial in my opinion is very fabulous and creative – and it is something that I could definitely see my Dad doing for my sisters and I growing up for sure! 🙂 Another thing that we see in these commercials is more interactivity and engagement with the audience and the brand.  Usually, most companies are sharing information and are not interested in feedback – this has been the case in most traditional advertising and marketing campaigns. However, what is interesting is that companies are using social media to include others into the process of being part of the campaign and are actively encouraging people to post comments, share content, and engage in dialogue with others about the product.  This is a shift from traditional marketing and even PR, where the company and brand is being a partner in the conversation – not taking the role of controlling the message.  This is what Budweiser is doing for their social media campaign for the Super Bowl and really encouraging some great dialogue through multiple social media platforms.  Very interesting! 🙂

Another element that is interesting to see in regards to how social media is being implemented for the Super Bowl commercials is that it is an opportunity for brands to not only showcase their brands and products – but it is an opportunity to promote their corporate social responsibility practices and campaigns as well.  More individuals are focused on doing business or purchasing products with companies that are not focused on just making a financial gain for themselves, but they are contributing back to society in the same process.  It is all very interesting to see!  In addition, there are many research firms and agencies looking at what are the current research trends involving the Super Bowl, and Alterian SM2 has created and presented a very interesting report on looking at the Super Bowl buzz and discussions online since December 2010.

Anyway, I hope that you all are having a great day and good luck to both teams for the Super Bowl!  Have a wonderful day!

Best Wishes,