I did something new last night which was pretty exciting – I was a guest host on the popular Google+/YouTube show, The Crisis Show! Rich Klein (the host) asked me to host the episode focusing on back-to-school issues, trends, and case studies in crisis communications.

I was very honored and excited about this opportunity. I had been on the show before, but this was the first time where I was a host. I give Rich a lot of credit – there is a lot of research, preparation, and practice that comes into play to host a popular show like The Crisis Show! It was a great learning experience for me.

I also had a chance to experiment and do a first with Glass – using it to capture my experience hosting the show as well. It was one of the main topics we discussed during the session.

Thanks again to Rich for the opportunity to guest host “The Crisis Show” last night. I had a great conversation with Gail Glover (Union College) about some important issues facing those who are working in higher education. This is not only just for faculty and students to consider, but also parents, fans, administrators, and community residents. Here’s the video of our chat last night:


In a full hour conversation, Gail and I discussed a variety of different topics and issues related to the back to school episode. We talked about what we covered in last year’s episode (which was the first time I appeared on “The Crisis Show”).

Some of these are highlighted in the recap on The Crisis Show website. We talked about various cases involving of course universities and schools like what happened a few days ago in Atlanta, the George Washington University FB Housing Horrors crisis, and of course Google Glass in the classroom. I was able to share on the show what I have seen so far with Google Glass as a member of the explorer program and the various issues, trends, and topics we are seeing discussed among professors with this new emerging tool.

It was fun hosting the show – really had a great time! I had fun preparing my outline and notes for the show, and Gail was a great participant and shared some great best practices, tips, and points to consider as we enter the 2013-2014 academic year. If you are interested in crisis communications in research, teaching, or in practice – I recommend tuning in every Wednesday at 7 pm EST for the show – Rich has done a great job by bringing in guests on a variety of different topics and cases. It’s a wonderful program for the crisis community as a whole.

Thanks again to Rich for the opportunity to guest host – had a great time! Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,