My overall checklist for my visit to China!
My presentation in China is only a little over a month away and as the time draws near, I feel that I have checked off most of the major items! Tickets? Check! Reservations? Check!

Some items I have had some help. My presentation is with my Tennessee academic advisor Dr. Palenchar.

My parents were kind enough to help with the Chinese Visa approval process in Los Angeles! I downloaded the application, filled it in, added the passport picture (1) and fees and Mom and Dad brought it to Los Angeles. They said they had a fun time, I suspect it was because they stopped at ‘El Cholo’s’ for lunch!

My sister is already planning for all the things we need to do while we are there and since both of us have an “M” visa ( for multiple entries) we can come back again and again!

So, what’s left to do? I do have this thing called ‘school’! I have not been blogging too much lately because I spent the last 48 hours on one paper polishing it up and I have a few loose ends to catch up on! But as I always say, “I am working on it!”

Have a great day!