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What exactly is a Social Media Consultant?: Creativity + Science + Strategy

There are many terms that are being attributed to a person who is an expert in social media.  Some of the terms that you hear in the media and PR community include “social media guru,” “community manager,” and “digital storyteller” […]

Fabulous Student Blog Posts for January 29 2011 – Tennessee & WVU

In just the few weeks of the Spring 2011 semester, I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of commitment, creativity, and insights about social media among the students in our Social Media class at Tennessee, as well as other […]

Tennessee’s PR Day 2010 is finally here! #prday10

It is finally here! P.R. Day has arrived at the University of Tennessee and tomorrow I will rest! We have lots of social media on my site:  we have a TWITTER has tag  #prday2010, a fun TUMBLR site, QR codes […]

Understanding the implications of cloud computing for public relations professionals & researchers

So, what exactly is cloud computing?  Does it mean that there is a computer in the clouds? 🙂  Nope, but there are several experts and other professionals that have given their interpretation on what exactly is cloud computing.  According to […]

SM Influencer + SM Visionary = Social Media Provider (SMP) – the future of public relations practitioners & researchers #socialmedia

One of the areas within public relations and social media that is currently being discussed in various campaigns and research project how to reach some of these third-party endorsers, and who these individuals are. Most of the business community calls […]