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A must have social media book for #prprofs: Trendology by Chris Kerns

I am always looking for new books, articles, and resources to bring into my social media classes. I have used a range of different books for class, and I have found one that is not only going to be included […]

At the finish line for the semester: Best tips for professors to create an engaging social media campaign style class

It is that time of the semester where finals are beginning here at the University of Louisville. While I do not give a final exam for my social media class, I do have final client presentations for their social media […]

A must have book for social media classes at universities: “Your Brand” by Michael Brito

It has been a LONG time since I got really excited about a social media book. I have been teaching and researching in this area for the last several years, and one of the things that I have struggled with […]

Social Media & Crisis Communications Presentation at Iowa DHS Conference

I had the chance to visit Iowa (first time ever in the state!) a few days ago to present at the 9th Iowa Homeland Security Conference.  The topic I was going to be presenting on was related to social media […]

Advancing Social Media Measurement & Research: Further discussion on new metrics to consider for PR professionals

One of the main areas we are seeing a lot of discussion in for public relations professionals is not only in the area of social media marketing strategy, but in the area of measurement and evaluation.  In particular, focusing on […]