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A Reputation Catastrophe Online & Offline: Amy’s Bakery & Kitchen Nightmare Episode

I thought I saw it all when it came to how brands would respond to customer reviews and interactions on social media.  Well, now I have seen one example that really surprised me from a crisis and social media perspective. […]

Walmart & the Bangladesh Factory Fire Tragedy: A crisis case study

One of the crisis situations that will be discussed tomorrow night on “The Crisis Show” will be the Bangladesh Factory crisis that happened a few days ago. On Saturday, November 24th, a fire broke out at a factory in Bangladesh […]

#NBCFail on 9/11 Coverage: Reputation crisis after Today Show airs Kris Jenner Interview instead of 9/11 Moment of Silence

One thing you can always depend on is the fact that when you are in crisis communications, you will always have a job because there is always something going on. But of all days – 9/11 – there are sometimes […]

Think before you #tweet Crisis: Athlete banned from #London2012 Olympics for inappropriate tweet

The London 2012 Olympics will begin in just a few days, and we have seen some challenges and crises already emerge before the games have even started.  Security issues with the security company in London where UK troops were called in […]

A Twitter Hashtag Hijacking Crisis Rises: How Celeb Boutique used #aurora hashtag for a dress promotion

Aurora, a town just outside of Denver, Colorado faced a horrific scene this morning where a gunman, now identified as James Holmes, went into a midnight showing of the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” and shot 71 people, […]