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The [truth] about social media influencers: Where we are and where we need to go

It’s another day, which means we are seeing another influencer report outlining key professionals we need to be aware of. We are seeing many professionals (and even professors and students that matter) getting wrapped up in the concept of being […]

Detecting Faux Influence: Do’s & Don’ts in Social Media Influence

One thing you may have seen over and over again in the social media field is the rise of influencer use in campaigns and the integration of influencer marketing within the field.   I have done some research into social […]

Social media is just the beginning: Next chapter involves interconnected emerging platforms across platforms, channels, and devices

The thing that we find when it comes to technology is the fact it evolves and changes over time.  Each medium has their own ecosystem where you see a peak of buzz and conversations emerging across the various communities and […]

readings in social media for 10 august 2012 #aejmc12

Although my late Uncle Leroy (Sievers) was a journalist’s journalist, he saw the value of the new media in reaching a broader audience and in different ways. While executive producer at Nightline he wrote a widely read blog and he […]

Creating a “social media front page” w/ Rebel Mouse: Great opportunity for PR pros & researchers

Social media professionals in PR have to stay up with the latest trends and technologies.  It is almost a full-time job, but what makes it great is the fact that it is exciting and constantly evolving. One of the things […]