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How coffee contributed my personal brand as a #prprof

What makes us all human is our unique qualities and characteristics. Whether we are enthusiastic about technology or have a passion for cooking amazing feasts and bake for others – these are part of who we are and our identity […]

How PR professors & researchers can become their own media outlet w/ emerging technologies

We have seen a growing trend in 2012 as people shifting the focus on the voice of authority when it comes to media. Meaning, we are seeing more people using various social media platforms not just to connect and network […]

5 Fabulous Photo Editing & Storytelling Mobile Apps for #PR Professionals

One of the skills we are seeing being featured across the board for public relations professionals is the area of photo and video editing.  Visuals can really enhance the overall story and provide a window into what people are experiencing […]

Emergence of digital & social media past comes into focus for future employers: Social Intelligence

Managing your online reputation is a full-time job.  It takes patience, dedication, commitment, and a forward-looking perspective on how you would like to be presented in the particular profession and community you are in.  Online reputation has been a focus […]

Putting the “S Curve” in Social Media: How PR professionals can maintain relevance & creativity in profession

Staying ahead of the curve has become very competitive and challenging for many businesses and professionals in the 21st century.  The current status of the economy has created an environment where everyone is looking to see how to establish themselves […]