Sponsored stories and posts are so early 2012 – 2013.  We have seen this all over the place on Facebook as well as promoted tweets on Twitter.  What will companies think of next?  What about sponsored networks?  What if you had an app that allowed you to get information about possible people you may want to know more about?  Facebook seems to do this already, but what about LinkedIn? What if you had an app that connected with people that had the necessary skills, insights, experience, knowledge, and personality you needed for your particular profession? Does an app like this exist?

Well, as the Apple commercials say, there is an app for that.  CanWeNetwork is a mobile app dedicated for business networking and designed to identify and connect users with high-value, authenticated opportunities and introductions. How cool is that? Here is a video you may want to check out for more information about the new app:


The company and team behind the Can We Network app is based out of Austin, which is home to the SxSW Conference, legendary in the area of emerging technologies and media tools.  However, this app allows to connect you by using geo-spatial technology to provide you with recommendations on people  you need to know and need to meet.  Also, the app allows you to get the opportunity to meet people who are in your location, have the skills you need, and personality traits that make them ideal for you to meet from a business perspective.

This is a great way to increase networking opportunities on sites like LinkedIn, especially for young professionals who are trying to get more involved with the social media and PR industry. Young professionals are more than ever invested in their online personas and reputation because they know this is one element that will be used by employers to determine if they are a fit for the position.

With this in mind, Can We Network is a great app for young professionals in PR as well as those interested in going on in research to use to network.  For researchers, this is an opportunity to find potential collaborators on projects and teaching assignments.  How else can this app be used?  Well, for universities and athletic programs for example, this could be a useful tool to reach out to possible students, parents, donors, and alumni to start an ongoing dialogue and relationship from a business standpoint. Imagine the many possibilities here. 🙂

Overall, I think this is a great mobile app for business networking.  This app provides you with contacts you may not have had the opportunity to meet on the business side and opens the door to you.  All you have to do is press the app button on your phone to start the conversation.  So,  you all may want to check it out – it’s free off of iTunes , Google Play, and Android.

Hope you all have a great day!

Best Wishes,