One of the emerging trends we have to be aware of for the upcoming year in 2012 in PR and Advertising campaigns is with augmented reality.  Many global and domestic brands are getting on board with the augmented reality app bandwagon – similar to what we have been seeing with the consistency in using QR Codes in magazines, billboards, flyers, and even for business cards.

Who are some of the major brands implementing augmented reality application focused campaigns for the upcoming year?  Well there are several, and here are just a few to show to you all.

  • Volkswagon:  The established automobile company is not new to the emergence of new media in their marketing and PR campaigns, but they are looking at implementing this particular campaign in Singapore.  The AR app allows user to interact with the various Volkswagon models on their mobile devices.
  • Nestle: The chocolate company is branching out with a new augmented reality application and crowd sourcing campaign focusing on asking fans of the brand for ideas regarding new flavors for their KitKat bar.  Once they have found their new flavors, they will allow users to use their phone (and the AR application Blippar) to vote which flavor they like the best.  The campaign will launch later this month.
  • Domino’s:  The pizza brand is launching a new AR campaign in the UK that allows the users to experience the pictures and visuals of the various pizza products on posters in a new way while also being able to order through Blippar.
  • Mercedes-Benz:  Another car company is getting involved with AR in accessories – instead of focusing on a specific campaign, this is another app where people can get a glimpse of a car from multiple angles.
  • Lacta Chocolate:  This is a favorite AR campaign which allows users to be able to create and personalize their messages to their loved ones to appear on Lacta chocolate bars.  This will definitely be a successful campaign especially for Valentine’s Day.


What is key to remember with AR campaigns and new technology in campaigns is to determine if this would be appropriate for reaching a target audience with this new tool, if this new tool is viewed as reliable or credible for the intended audiences, and what would be some of the metrics associated with evaluating the success of this campaign and new tool for the brand.  These points need to be explored and discussed further in the PR community in both research and in practice.

Hope you all are having a great day.

Best Wishes,