I have noticed that there are certain topics of conversation that seem to arise between myself and my family.  One of course is academics, and another is athletics.  However, one big part of all of our lives is.. food.  That is right – we are definitely a family of foodies! 🙂  My sisters and I all love cooking, and both Mom and Dad make some fabulous dishes!  One of my missions for my trip to Amsterdam was to try out the local cuisine, and see if I can get any of the recipes for Dad to try out! 🙂  I’m working on it! 🙂

Since I have been in Amsterdam, one of the things that I noticed quite quickly is the fact that the Dutch cuisine is just divine!  Everything that I have had so far has just been absolutely amazing!  The bread here is just out of this world – I had a sandwich yesterday at a local grocery store, and it just melted in your mouth!

Another dish that I tried out was the Dutch Pea Soup.  The Netherlands is defintely known for their pea soup, and this is a family favorite dish.  So, I went and had some – and can we say – WOW!  What was unique about the Dutch Pea Soup is that it had bacon, sausage, and bread mixed into it.  I asked the waiter at the local pub where I had the pea soup, and he said that the most authentic pea soups in the Netherlands has very high quality pork stock.  Very cool – I told Dad that this was something that I would love to try out the next time I am home! 🙂

Overall, my foodie adventures in Amsterdam has been a complete and total success, and I still have a few days left!  I was telling my parents that I felt extremely comfortable with being in Amsterdam – it must be some connection with my ancestors I suppose.  So – if you are a true foodie and want to try out a place that has fabulous food – come to Amsterdam! 🙂

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,