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December 5, 2012

updates in social media for 5 december 2012 @SMCKnox

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Nothing to be ‘Angry’ about… vacation is almost here!

Here is what we are reading today:


“Driving questions• What is a social media crisis? – What does it mean to use social media in a crisis?• What are tactical implications for crisis communication?• What are the strategic implications for crisis communication? “

“Social media crises are on the rise, but 76% of those that occurred since 2001 could have been diminished or averted with the proper social media investments, according to a report by Altimeter Group released on Wednesday.

For the report, entitled “Social Business Readiness: How Advanced Companies Prepare Internally,” Altimeter Group analyzed 50 social media crises that have occurred since 2001 and found that those reaching mainstream media have risen steadily through the past decade, with just 1-2 incidents per year in the first five years and a total of 10 social media crises last year alone. The report also sheds light on exactly how social media crises arise and how companies can avoid them.”

What drives social media?

I will be presenting at next year’s Social Slam… it will be quite the ‘happening!”– Karen

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