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June 13, 2012

#TheCrisisShow: A show dedicated to emerging trends & issues in Crisis Communications

Crises occur every day – all we have to do is look at the news or read online via social media about them.  Crises are not discriminatory and can happen to any corporation, brand, and person.  Information can be spread virally in a matter of seconds across multiple communication platforms while reputations that have been maintained and created over a long period of time are shattered in a matter of moments.

Understanding the current trends, message strategies, and best practices within this line of work is one area I find particularly interesting both in research, consulting, and teaching.  This area is of course crisis communications.

With the increased interested and focus in this particular area within PR, I have had several professionals and students ask me about resources they can look for related to crisis communications. I have directed to them to several key bloggers in crisis communications (ex. Kim Stephens, Jim Garrow, Patrice Cloutier, and Gerald Baron) – but also to other agencies and organizations that have been active in sharing their insights in this area.

What is exciting to see is the new show dedicated to crisis communications called “The Crisis Show,” and it will be launched today at 7 pm.   The show is hosted by Rich Klein, Jonathan Bernstein, and Melissa Agnes.  This new show will focus on discussing current crisis cases happening across industries (ex. corporate, universities, global, natural disasters, etc) and what are some of the lessons we can take away from each of these and formulate best practices on how to handle a crisis proactively.

What is very cool about the show is the fact that it will be hosted on Google+ hangouts.  This is great because you get a chance to not only see the hosts, but also have the opportunity to interact and ask questions about crisis communications to really build a dynamic and exciting environment. You can also follow the hashtag #TheCrisisShow as well on Twitter.  If you can’t join the conversation during the premiere tonight, you can check out their YouTube channel for the videos.

For the website, it would be great to see a resource list of the main blogs, resources, agencies, and organizations in the crisis communications field.  In addition, it may be a good idea to have a page from Rebel Mouse for the Crisis Show to allow others to follow what others are sharing and commenting on related to the new show or on crisis communications in a centralized location.  This site is just in beta form, but there is great potential here. :)

In summary,  I am excited to see how the show goes – and I think that this can be a great resource for young professionals, professors, researchers, and fellow practitioners in the area of crisis communications.  The use of Google+ and Twitter are great to build conversations/relationships in the community as well as engaging a community virtually through video with Google+.  Tune in tonight at 7 PM on Google+ Hangouts to catch the first show.

Hope you all are having a great day!

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