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June 7, 2012

UPDATE in social media and pr for 7 June 2012

My reading list for today:

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“Here’s a LEGO concept from the guys at Wonder Years, called BrainBricks, essentially intelligent LEGO bricks that include tiny sensors, which enable the bricks to sense their configuration with one another and communicate it wirelessly to mobile devices loaded with the LEGO gaming app, in turn allowing physical LEGO models to be instantly brought into a digital gaming experience.

And while I’m not sure how realistic this is for LEGO at this point in time, it’s almost certainly got to be in their R&D pipeline. We’ve seen similar things from Disney already, and I’d expect a big push into digital convergence gaming over the next 12 months… Would love your thoughts!”

“I think it’s all about transparency and about being explicit about the offer. If you let people make a decision on their own terms, quite often they’ll make the decision that you want them to. If you try to get them to make a decision without disclosing that information, then it’s really hard and I don’t think you do anything but destroy trust, rather than build trust.”

“The significance of internet reputation management will now be becoming a very huge topic for the businesses that depend on the Web for advertising their services or products, is increasing each day without signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The significance of online reputation management is now becoming a really important topic for the businesses that depend on the Web for advertising their services or products, and is increasing day after day with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.”


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