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May 30, 2012

Pictures from the reputation institute conference and Milan #riconf @Reputation_Inst

View of beautiful Milan from the top of the top of the Historic Duomo! (broke ground in 1386)

I was able to upload a number of great pictures of Milan and the beginning of our great Reputation Institute Conference in Milan 2012!

CLICK here to see the pictures!


reputation institute conference day 2 in Milan #riconf @Reputation_Inst

Brussels for Chocolate and Milan for Fashion, what could be better?

The Reputation Institute Conference is just starting up and while I have a few minutes before the next session, I thought I would tell you how wonderful my trip has been!

I still haven’t found a designer who will show me a ‘behind the scenes’ view of their Milan fashion, but I am hopeful!

We also have a little tradition in our family of dieters to bring a little bit of ‘Jenny Craig’ diet food along and take a picture of it in a very recognizable place. Although this particular version of their cereal has sadly been discontinued, for contiguity sake, I have saved it for just this type of occasion!

Jenny Craig Cereal in Milan! Ciao!


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