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May 23, 2012

New crisis considerations with Pinterest: Power of SEO, Analytics, and Reputation Management Practices

Pinterest has been a big factor for a lot of brands in 2012 so far.  Whether you are an academic institution or PR agency or even a small business owner, visual bookmarking and digital storytelling are just some of the terms you hear when you think about Pinterest.  But what about Marketing or even Reputation Management?  What about the power of SEO?  These are all topics KISSmetrics recently wrote about in their post focusing on tips for marketing professionals on how to address this specifically with Pinterest.

Not only do we need to consider these informative tips for Pinterest for marketers, but what about for crisis communication professionals? Understanding the visual component of what makes an online reputation needs to be explored and discussed.

Also, this raises the issue of the power of an individual brand reputation (ex. PR professional, communicator, etc) compared to the brand – what are some key attributes people will be more likely to respond to as being a trustworthy source?  What about the measurement and key SEO practices that need to be initiated to be analyzed?  Not only at the global level, but we also have to look at these from the local level as well.

These are just some of the growing issues and trends we are seeing with this particular social media platform, but it does raise the issue that this needs further discussion and exploration into not only the research projects this can look into, but also how it can be strategically applied for crisis and public relations professionals.

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