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January 25, 2012

UPDATES in social media and pr for 25 January 2012

Click on the above picture for the BOBCATSSS 2012 conference in Amsterdam! Congrats to first Monica Colon-Aguirre and the team!

Here is what I am reading today!:

“If you’ve ever been watching a movie or attending a concert and someone’s ringtone interrupts the proceedings, you’ll appreciate this video that’s recently gone viral on YouTube. As Slovakian musician Lukáš Kmit played a beautiful piece on his viola, suddenly the obnoxious Nokia ringtone blasted through the reverie. What a wonderful reaction he had!”

“Here’s what your life in PR and social media measurement will be like this year.

#1. You will adapt or you will die, part one.

Flexibility will win out over price of measurement vendors. The ability to adapt to changing influencer lists, media lists, etc., will become a primary differentiator for which companies win contracts.”

“Nestle has made a major change to its market research budget, putting a major focus on contests and games. The famed food company is preparing to launch a new crowdsourced campaign that will help it find four new flavors for their popular Kit Kat brand of candy. The new campaign will reflect the change in Nestle’s marketing focus as it will task consumers with determining what these four flavors will be. To accomplish this, the company is adopting augmented reality.”

“If you’ve ever returned from a business trip with a stack of business cards, you’ve no doubt wondered — as you’re manually typing in all those names, phone numbers and email addresses — if there’s a better way.”

“Today, mobile apps enable a business owner to manage his entire operation from the palm of his hand. They also allow consumers to interact, communicate and purchase products with ease, something app developers should certainly take note of when developing around trends and needs.”

“Gym brand LA Fitness has suffered a torrid night in the social media-verse after adverse publicity surrounding unwanted membership contracts.”

“Today’s infographic emphasizes how a localized online presence affects a business’s growth, suggesting that utilizing social media, businesses are able to cultivate greater customer loyalty”

“Super Bowl XLVI host city Indianapolis has concocted a new way to deal with the madness that comes with managing the world’s biggest annual sporting event.

The solution? The Super Bowl’s first-ever social media command center.”

“Here is a nice social integration campaign from Air China. In order to increase consumer awareness about the airline’s flight services to Sweden and throughout the extended Asian region, Air China launched a campaign around Facebook check-ins.”

“Have you ever considered the ways a blog can help you get a job? I meet lots of young people entering the work force and I always recommend blogging as a way to get ahead—in almost any career. Here’s why:”

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