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January 24, 2012

First Book Chapter Published on Emergency Mgt Planning on Risks, Crises, and Social Media

One of the activities academics are required to do along with teaching courses and providing service to the university / profession is to publish their research into various publications.  These publications can range from academic research journals within the discipline you are researching in (ex. Public Relations Review, Journal of Public Relations Research, Public Relations Journal, etc), or the broader scope of Communications (Journal of Communication, Communication Monographs, etc).  However, we are also encouraged to publish books or participate in edited books where we contribute a book chapter.

My first book chapter has been published!

I am excited to announce that my first book chapter has recently been published along with my former advisor Michael Palenchar (Ph.D., University of Tennessee) in the book titled “PreCrisis Planning, Communication, and Management:  Preparing for the Inevitable.”  The book chapter we wrote for this book focused on emergency management and preparedness with social media in risk and crisis communications.  This chapter focuses on not just social media technologies being implemented, but we also explored the various trends and considerations involving new media and mobile media within current crisis and risk communication practices.

It was a fun project to be part and I learned a great deal about the writing process, editing, and of course the final revision process that goes into creating and publishing a book chapter.  This book in particular, which is edited by David E. Williams, Bolanie A. Olaniran, and W.T. Coombs, focuses on the pre-crisis communication planning and management stages that are necessary to take into consideration for emergency responders and crisis communicators.  Various topics are covered in the book like of course social media in pre-crisis planning (:)), considering multicultural and diverse audiences in pre-crisis planning, ethical principles and pre-crisis planning, and discussion on the overall theoretical foundations that will be applied in pre-crisis communication planning and management practices.

You can order this book via Amazon or even Barnes & Noble. I am excited about this new publication not only because it was a very enlightening research project to work on – but it was very cool to see my name in print for a published piece of work.  Both of my parents have teased me about when I would be getting involved in the textbook business, and I then have to recite a quote from one of our family favorite movies, “Romancing the Stone.”  All I have to say is “Soon, Ralph – real soon! :)”

Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

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