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September 29, 2011

Facebook Timeline & New Online Reputation Management Perspective: Transparency + Privacy Isssues

The concern that a lot of people are having about Facebook and the release of their new feature of Timeline is with the issue of privacy.  The feature of autosharing to your friends and others what you are listening to, reading, and watching.  While I think that social search is key – there are certainly some boundaries that people are concerned about.  Here is how Don Draper (character from advertising firm drama “Mad Men”) discusses the new features that seem to be highlighted in the rationale for the new Facebook Timeline features:

YouTube Preview Image

With these changes, many users were publicly voicing their opinions about these new changes to the social networking site.  This has caused Spotify to adapt their features to allow private listening for users on Facebook.  In addition, it has caused many tech blogs and writers to share and discuss the new implications of the ticker feature on FB  in which it broadcasts to the world all of the various activities you are doing in terms of likes, sharing, and commenting.

There are features and apps where you can limit to what people see in terms of your activity on Facebook. However, the motto of this for everyone is – be careful what you share with the rest of the world.  Making sure that you are proactively aware of what you are sharing can be seen by others and understand that your activity is not only going to be monitored more, but also it is going to be kept on record.

My perspective when it comes to various social media sites like FB, Google+, and Twitter among others is that this is a public sphere and if you are aware of these ahead of time, you will be fine.  If you practice good etiquette and manners consistently across all of these social media platforms as you do in real life, you will be fine.  However, if you are leading a double or triple life with various groups of people (ex. families, friends, and work colleagues) – well, Facebook will lay the stories on the Timeline table for the world to see and judge for themselves.

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,


Happy Birthday, Kristin!

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Today is my older sister Kristin’s birthday!  We are exactly three years and a day apart in age, and each year has been very precious.  I am very fortunate to have such an amazing family with Mom, Dad, Kristin, and Karla – they have truly supported me throughout my athletic adventures and academic endeavors.

There are so many memories I have with Kristin growing up from making cookies to traveling around the world on our annual IBWM trips together.  We are now working on research projects together – fabulous!  I am super proud of Kristin with all of her army and academic achievements ! :)

Dad wrote a very sweet birthday post on his blog and Karla created a cute picture to celebrate Kristin’s birthday.  I will be up to see Kristin next week during my fall break, so we can both celebrate our birthdays together.  Here is to my sister – who is the bravest, fabulous, kind, courageous, and amazing older sister anyone could ask for.  Happy birthday, sis!

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,


September 28, 2011

readings in social media and pr for 28th september 2011

The value of Social Media cannot be underestimated. It is the only sound way to communicate your message, define who you are and address the concerns of your publics. CLICK to visit the University of Louisville's Social media Directory

Here is what i am reading today:

“When it comes to auditing SEO this infographic helps remind us of how complex the SEO channel can be, but at the same time it can be actioned as a list of things to do.

When proactively trying to grow your reach through SEO I think it is much easier to simplify the channel. I am surprised tools such as Google Webmaster tools, Xenu / Screaming frog didn’t appear more as ways to easily complete / check significant parts of the audit but other than that, this is a well written guide you should definitely checkout.”

“Last week Facebook introduced a new profile design known as Timeline, an infographic-like format that charts highlights from a user’s social media activity.  Coupled with other recent Facebook updates, the social media juggernaut is creating a home for your entire digital life to live. Timeline makes a user’s profile much easier to read and more interesting to browse.  No longer is the emphasis only on what someone is doing now.  Instead, posts and status updates are linked together and tell stories about a person’s life, with as much emphasis on what they’ve done in the past as what they’re doing right now. So what does the new Facebook Timeline mean to PR and marketing pros?”

“Blogging is key to any inbound marketing plan. Not only is it a great way to add pages to your site and increase your footprint, it also improves your search rankings and helps get more inbound links. However, by writing and publishing blog articles, you aren’t getting the most out of all your efforts, you also need to promote your content. 

In order to determine what promoting a blog post can do for you, we took a look at the blog posts of our 5000 customers. We reviewed the results for posts that were shared via Twitter and Facebook after being written and compared them to posts that were not shared. We learned that when posted to Twitter and Facebook after being written blog posts generated…”

“Taking an online college class might sound like an easy “A” that gives lazier students a chance to sleep in and spend class time in their pajamas and robe instead of dressing and showering the way we used to before the Internet changed everything. However, thanks to the advent of new technologies, increased Internet speeds and a constant stream of information and communication, college campuses are learning new ways to adapt social media into their online curriculum as well as their traditional classrooms outside of the Internet. Here’s why…”


September 25, 2011

readings in social media and pr for september 25th 2011

the University of Louisville

the University of Louisville

Here is what I am reading today:

“Looking to break into a social media career? Here’s pretty much everything you need to know about the job and the people who do it every day. Nearly 80% of corporations use social media, so there’s plenty of opportunity for aspiring strategists — especially as the other 20% get on board. “

“So here it is. The new Facebook Timeline, which will ultimately replace your current profile. Dual columns, maps, check-ins, photos, video, apps, galleries, likes, activity feed and even quick-scroll timeline control. A whole new way to experience your social history, and to present the future.

Initial thoughts… Wow. This is going to shake things up. But it’s also a pretty big risk, most Facebook users get freaked out by the smallest of changes, so this might take some serious adjusting for some. But at the same time, this will open up a host of new opportunities for advertisers, suddenly there are all sorts of modules that would make for relevant ad integration…”

“If you’re a designer or developer – and if you’re reading this, the probability that you’re one of those is decent – you might be thinking about looking for a new job, or a better job, or a new better job.

If you’ve been with the same employer for a while, you might be dreading this process – dusting off the old curriculum vitae, updating it with lots of juicy-sounding accomplishments (Excelled in human-based environments!) and making the rounds.”

“Yesterday Facebook announced the new profile, timeline, but the beta version doesn’t won’t come out until at least the end of this month, if not later, and you have to sign up for it in advance — but, there’s a way to activate it right now, without the wait.

Facebook gives developers early access to timeline so they can develop applications for it. However, you don’t really have to be a real developer, just pretend to be one!  Here’s how…..”


Bridging PR Opportunities together w/ social media skills, knowledge, + expertise

What are the expectations that are being put on professionals today to get a position?  If you are labeling yourself as being someone who is skilled and knowledgable about social media, there are certain expectations and skills that you may have to have on the job.  Managing various roles by wearing several hats to being able to work across various disciplines are just some of the skills outlined in a great info graphic posted on Mashable. Here are just a few that I have seen in the field:

  • Doing a little bit each day when searching for a job:  Jobs are not necessarily going to be falling out of the sky, but it is key to be aware of where people are posting job opportunities and where to get the scoop.  Some of these job postings are just posted through Twitter or LinkedIn – but others are available on various websites like Mashable and PRSA. If you are involved in academia, Chronicle for Higher Education is also a good resource as well.
  • Review how you are perceived online across various social media platforms:  Consistency is the main theme and goal to focus on when it comes to what you share and present on social media.  Facebook Timelines is going to be a way for people to not only see what you are doing right now, but what you have done previously. This information is not available for others to see in a more organized manner – so this is key to be aware of since this information is going to be what people will use to determine their first impressions / reputation of you as a professional.
  • Write, write, and write some more:  Whether it is your blog or contributing to various social media sites – we are in a field where writing and communicating our thoughts and insights concisely is one of the main skills to have.  Volunteer to contribute to the university website and social media team, start researching and figuring out what are some interests specifically involving social media you are interested in, and start putting your thoughts down on your platform of choice (WordPress, Tumbler, Twitter, etc).
  • Taking on the role of being a mentor to others: Being willing to share knowledge and insights with not only others in your organization or community, but also helping others coming up in the ranks is also key as well. We need to help advance the field, and the best way to do that is to share with others our lessons along the way as well as provide our version of best practices in social media – so mentoring is absolutely key for success in social media.  Not only will you help others, but you will also learn from the process as well.
  • Creativity + Strategy + Research / Evaluation = Success:  Combining the efforts of both the arts and sciences of social media with research is a sound combination and formula for succeeding in the field.  We have to be able to work and wear all of these hats in our work – while we may have skills and expertise in one or more of these areas, we have to be adaptive to grow and continue to learn.
Hope you all are having a wonderful day!
Best Wishes,
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