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February 3, 2011

Social media, blogging, and Advertising/PR: Fabulous guest presentation by Laura Bower (APR)

One of the things that we wanted to do for the new social media class at Tennessee (ADV 490: Special Topics – Social Media) is to bring in professionals and experts in social media in Advertising and PR.  This morning, we had the pleasure of having Laura Bower (APR; Vice President of Public Relations and Social Media at The Tombras Group in Knoxville) come to our new Social Media class to discuss social media and blogging.   Laura and I are good friends from first when we started the PhD program at UT and being active in the social media community in Knoxville.

Laura gave a great presentation on her insights and experiences with blogging professionally and personally, as well as a microblogging (Twitter).  Laura also discussed her blog contribution to the Knoxville-based blog Knoxify, and what were some of her most popular posts from the site.  It was wonderful to have a leading professional in social media discuss and share some of their best practices on how to blog and use social media strategically – very informative and fabulous! :)

The students in the class also had an opportunity to share with Laura their own personal blogs that they are maintaining for the social media class.  Each student shared their blog and discussed what the focus was for their blog, what areas they are writing about (ex. social media and sports, social media and advertising, social media and entertainment, etc).

We also shared Laura our class Tumblr site – where everyone in the class comes together on one site and shares, comments, and discusses current issues relevant to social media and public relations.  In addition, one of the students in the class (Aaron Sachs) created a new feature called “The ADV 490 Daily,” which is a one-stop shop for students in the class on what each other is sharing on Twitter.

In summary, what has been great to see through this social media class is the skills and experiences the students are getting familiar with class with their blogs is going to translate into their professional careers after they graduate from the University of Tennessee.  It is a skill that communication and business professionals – both in advertising and public relations – need to have when they are working in the real world today.

Again, I would like to thank Laura for taking the time to speak to our class this morning on social media and blogging – it was extremely valuable and informative – thank you again! :)

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,


readings in social media and pr for february 3 2011

Laura Mansfield Bower

I want to thank Laura Mansfield Bower for a FABULOUS guest lecture presentation to our Social Media Class at Tennessee this morning - very insightful advice on social media and blogging in PR / Advertising! Thank you again for sharing your expertise and experiences with the class! :)

Here are a few readings for today:

“A decade from now some young whippersnapper of a reporter will look up this article and laugh at the archaic “social media” tool we once called Twitter. But that future arse-of-a-journalist simply won’t grasp the significance of the Twitter revolution to the world of sports reporting. During the NFL playoffs this year one-third of players were on Twitter. These athletic millionaires offered a limitless supply of articles to write with their poorly filtered ramblings.”

Some of the brightest minds in social media in the country are coming to Knoxville Wednesday, April 13, 2011 for the can’t miss marketing and PR event of the year: Social Slam 2011! As social media continues to evolve, it’s not just about being on Twitter, Facebook and other networks. Now, businesses need to get serious about how they’re using digital media, how to measure it, and ultimately how it affects the bottom line. Social Slam will teach both experienced social media practitioners and those just getting involved how to do just that!”

Money can buy you friends on Facebook, if you’re a marketer. But the price is going up. A whitepaper by social marketing and analytics firm Webtrends, which studied 11,000 Facebook ad campaigns in the U.S., found that the cost of advertising on Facebook that encourages a user to become a “fan” on the brand’s Facebook page is $1.07.”

Since the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, different forms of media have played a critical role in the spread of revolutionary thought and in bringing about political, economic and social change. During the 1917 Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks’ first steps were to seize the telephone exchange, the railway stations and the main bridges going in and out of Petrograd, the capital of the Russian Empire. This allowed them to control the message about the revolution and to prevent counter-revolutionary propaganda. They then used the wireless room of a loyal warship to broadcast messages appealing to the Russian people to support the revolution.”

What ever happened to the mashup? It seems like it was only a few years ago that we were breathlessly talking about mashing up Flickr photos with Google Maps to create something entirely new. But now when we talk of mashups it’s seemingly only to describe music, like DJ Gregg Gillis of Girl Talk whom mixes-and-matches hundreds of pop songs at a staggering rate.The answer, simply enough, is that the mashup has become woven into the fabric of the modern web. Now, instead of talking about mashups, we talk about APIs, apps and cloud computing, all of which are rewiring the internet and have the potential to dramatically change the way brands connect with consumers.”


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