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May 31, 2010

Happy 26th Birthday Karla!

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Today is not only Memorial Day, but it is also Karla’s birthday!  Karla turns 26 today, and she sent everyone in our family this beautiful picture that she made.  Karla is such a talented artist and is a wonderful sister – she is kind, energetic, artistic, and caring – I admire her talent and hard work in her drawing and I think that she is absolutely amazing.  Happy birthday Karla – I wish I was out in California to celebrate it with you!  Hope you like the gift that Kristin and I got for you from Brazil! :)

Love you tons sis and Happy birthday!

Conference Tweets, posters, and food research!: Recap from APS Convention 2010

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keeping Memorial Day in our Hearts

Keeping Memorial Day in our Hearts!

UPDATE: Here are a few pictures from our Conference

Hello from Boston! Well, actually it will soon be hello from Knoxville – but as you can see from the last couple of posts, you can tell that I was in Boston for the last couple of days for the APS Annual Convention. I attended the conference last year when it was held in San Francisco, and it was really an amazing experience.  This year was absolutely fabulous!  The central theme of the conference was around taste – and for a foodie like myself, research in food is just right up my alley!  The presentations were fascinating and the breakout sessions were very interesting.   I had such an amazing time!

The conference was pretty big – about 3,300 people were at the conference presenting either their posters or part of a panel presentation – either way, it was very big!  What was exciting was that the conference was held at the same hotel that I stayed in when I was at the AEJMC conference back in August.  So, when Kristin and Mom arrived to Boston – I was like, hey!  I know where everything is at! Very cool!

To summarize our poster – it was indeed very fabulous!  Kristin and I presented on Friday morning and we really didn’t have time to catch our breath since we were talking to people the entire hour.  In addition, we actually started having people talk to us about our poster before and after our slotted time, which was very neat.  On other note – we were approached to publish our study as well during our poster presentation by a very respected journal – very exciting! :)

What was really neat about the conference in terms of social media is that the APS organizers were very cutting edge.  They assigned their own hashtag (#apsconv) for Twitter users to talk and discuss what sessions, posters, and presentations that they enjoyed.  This was very neat to see and be a part of – very cool!  I would like to thank the organizers of the conference for doing an amazing job with the presentations and sessions – it was very enlightening and wonderful.  Thank you! :)

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at APS and I am looking forward to attending the conference next year in Washington, D.C.!

On the last day in Boston, we got to tour around the city and see two of the main universities in the city (Harvard and MIT) and had a lovely sushi dinner.  What is up next?  I will be heading back to Knoxville for a few days, and then I am heading to West Virginia for the IMC Faculty and Student Weekend.  Super excited!  Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

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