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December 14, 2008

Home for the Holidays!

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Here I am in San Luis Obispo, California on one of the family computers!

Here I am in San Luis Obispo, California on one of the family computers!

Christmas carols.  Numerous Christmas decorations.  Preparing fabulous recipes for Christmas meal.  Yep– I’m back home! :) I’m going to be spending a couple of weeks in California visiting Mom, Dad, and Karla for Christmas.  I haven’t been home since August, so I am very happy to see my family! :)

I left Knoxville early yesterday morning to head off to Atlanta.  The Atlanta airport and I are very close– :)– I remember spending numerous hours waiting for flights when I was at Florida and on the track team.  The record is ten hours back in 2004. We were off to an indoor track and field meet in Nebraska, and we missed our flight and had to spend ten hours in Atlanta. :)  Good times! :)  Anyway, I went from Atlanta to Los Angeles, my home of two years while I was at USC. :)  The weather was really great– lots of sunshine! :)  My next stop was Santa Barbara, and that is where Mom, Dad, and Karla picked me up from the airport. :)  It was great to see everyone. :)

Today was my first day back in San Luis Obispo– and it was VERY relaxing.  Dad and I walked down to do some shopping this morning, and then Mom, Dad, and I went to the Nautical Bean (one of the Freberg family’s favorite coffee places that is just about a mile away from our house) for coffee.  There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the winter time!  I was never really a coffee person– but I have embraced my Swedish family genes and have become one with the coffee thanks to the Ph.D. program! :D

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! :)

Best Wishes,

Karen :)


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