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November 18, 2011

readings in social media and pr for 18 November 2011 #NCA11

"My friend Margarita Kefalaki posted this dinner picture while we were at a wonderful Psychology Convention in Greece! Today, I am in New Orleans and thinking good thoughts of Emerile's wonderful Delmonico's tonight!

Here is what I am reading between NCA sessions:

Karen Freberg, who teaches strategic communication at the University of Louisville, wrote to us with three key points on how Penn State can effectively communicate throughout this crisis:

Acknowledge action steps with strong rhetoric. While there has been a change of staff with the University administration and football team with a new interim head coach, internal cultures do not change overnight. Penn State needs to state exactly how it is going to make sure this does not happen again. One way to initiate this is to establish a new evaluation code for all athletic staff members. Academics are reviewed every year and are observed in their classroom, but there is no such program set in place for coaches or other athletic officials. Actions in this case speak louder than words.”

“Imagine a tiny little sun, just bursting with heat and light, but trapped inside a hard metal cover with a few holes to let beams of energy stream out from inside. Now imagine there were millions of those little suns, maybe the size of basketballs or tennis balls, all rolling down an assembly line one after another, each with a unique pattern of holes and beams of light streaming out into the world.”

“In 2011, Microsoft acquired Skype; Facebook’s and Twitter’s advertising platforms gained momentum; Google joined the social networking party with Google+; social became a mainstream component within search-engine results pages (SERPs); and Congress called for increased disclosure by companies providing location-based services.

As 2012 follows on the heels of such events, what digital changes and trends should forward-thinking marketers anticipate? Here are Optify’s Top 12 predictions for the year ahead.”

“”Once again, the general sessions that conclude each day of convention programming will be webcast. The NCA Opening Session, the Carroll C. Arnold Distinguished Lecture and the NCA Presidential Address and Awards Presentation will be webcast live from New Orleans. This is a great opportunity for members and other interested parties who are not able to join us in person to still be able to participate in these unique and important events.”

November 13, 2011

readings in social media and pr for november 13th 2011

a part of the fresco of the Parthenon, CLICK on the picture to see a model that you can explore!

Here is what I am reading today:

“While the debate rages on whether QR codes are a passing fad or a marketing phenomenon, those little suckers continue to pop up all over the place. From product packaging to retail signs and even to food, almost any surface in the universe seems fair game for a QR code. However, if brands deploy QR codes merely to claim they are using the latest social media marketing tool, then QR codes are doomed to fall in the “fad” bin, never to realize their full potential. The task for marketers is to use this interactive tool to deliver useful and meaningful experiences to their users.”

“Are you checking Facebook at work?

If you’re among the people surveyed by the British job site Reed, the odds are you don’t. A Reed survey found that only 33 percent of U.K. workers check social media at work. Two-thirds of workers believe companies have the right to ban social media in the workplace. Among the departments that most frequently check social networks, marketing ranks first, with 44 percent of marketers saying they do it. The IT department was No. 2 (43 percent), followed by engineering (33 percent) and finance (27 percent). “

“Sports controversies have a way of scaring off brands—just ask Tiger Woods. And with Penn State’s football program embroiled in one of the ugliest tragedies to befall a community in recent years, we’re seeing the same pattern of brands distancing themselves from the story. “

“Online social predators and community bullies pervade the internet. You know the type — out there in the social sphere trying to create chaos and breed discontent.

They are the dissatisfied customer, the slighted consumer, the angry applicant who didn’t get the job, kids who think social vandalism is fun. Perhaps they got bumped off a flight, your software crashed their system or they got rejected from a club or college. These nay-saying crusaders are everywhere, and they show up again and again in online communities. And, oooh, they are tricky! They use strong language, call your baby ugly and, in extreme cases, change user names and pseudonyms even after they’ve been banned. Some are crazies and some have a point of view they are determined, to the point of obsession, on sharing whenever and wherever they can.”
“Many brands and organizations developing digital strategies have moved beyond asking whether Twitter and Facebook presences are necessary. (Yes, they are.) Now the question is: We’re on the social web, so how do we make the most of it?”

June 13, 2009

Humor, charming, and an insight into the Greek lifestyle: “My Life in Ruins” movie

I am still getting over the jet lag from my trip to Greece (Athens is seven hours ahead of Knoxville, so I am okay in the morning, but I get really sleepy right around lunch time!), so today I took it easy and got caught up in terms of school work and normal day activities.  However, I went to the movies and saw the new movie “My Life in Ruins.”  I felt that it would be a fun movie to go and see since I just was in Athens this past week, and I really enjoyed seeing Nia Vardalos in “My Fat Greek Wedding.”

I thoroughly enjoyed “My Life in Ruins” – it was a cute movie and definitely had a lot of humor in it.  I am surprised that the movie critics did not like it – but I never really care what they have to say anyway.  I think that this may be the case due to the fact that some of these people have never been to Greece – that is just my opinion.  I believe that if I saw this movie before heading to Athens, I would have been like – cool, that looks neat.  But, after going to Greece and experiencing the culture a little bit – I found that it was quite charming and I got the humor and jokes from the characters in the movie.

What I found that was neat about this movie is that it definitely highlighted some of the main attractions that Athens and Greece offer to the world, and it was neat to see them and say – WOW!  I’ve been there! :) From the Temple of Posedion to the Acropolis, and even scenes walking around the Plaka – it was all in the movie. So, I would definitely recommend this movie if you want to see a funny, charming, and have a great time! :)

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,


Highlights from Greece: Having moussaka, dancing with the locals, and soaking in the history!

Well, my time in Grece was really amazing!  I just got back from my travels to Athens yesterday.  I had to fly first to Munich, and then back to the States.  I think that I may be a little jet lagged for a couple of days, but it was so worth it!!!  There were so many things to see and do that we kept pretty busy during our trip in Athens. There were many highlights of this trip for me.  Here are just a few that I wanted to share with you all. :)

Presenting at the ATINER Conference. The primary reason that we were in Athens was to present at the ATINER Conference.  What a great conference!  Another thing that I really liked about it was that it was very interdisciplinary – we had researchers from communications, psychology, economics, risk communication, and many more!  I presented the first day of the conference.  It went very well – we had some good feedback on our paper and it was a very friendly environment.

Having a traditional Greek dinner with dancing.  I told my family that one of the things that I had to do was to take part in some Greek dancing.  I got the chance during our first conference dinner where we went to a local tavern and we had music and dancers – and I got to learn from my friend Margarita how to do a traditional Greek dance!  It was SO much fun and what a great workout!  OPA!!!

Eating Greek food – moussaka, baklava, and many more! Can I say that the food this year was FABULOUS!  We had so much great meals in Greece that there was so much to choose from! From Moussaka to baklava to having fish (very salty, but a must do!)  It was all very glorious!

Seeing the history of Athens. We got to see all of the major sites in Athens – from Acropolis (we got a splendid view of the site from our hotel) to the Temple of Poseidon and the Temple of Zeus, walking around the first Olympic Stadium,  and even around the Greek Islands.  It was absolutely breathtaking – it was so amazing to walk around and look at the structures and appreciate what the Greeks did for the world.  It was very wonderful.

These are just a few of my highlights of my trip! :)  It was such a wonderful experience, and it was really great to share with it with both Kristin and Mom. :)  Even though Dad and Karla were not there, I felt that we got to share our experiences with them as well because we Skyped while we were in Greece.  Plus, I got Dad a few cookbooks on Greek cuisine that had all of the dishes that we had in Athens – very cool! :)  So, if you get a chance, Greece is indeed a must-go-to place for research and academic opportunities, as well as for its culture. :)  I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Athens, and I made some amazing new friends in the process!  Thank you ATINER and everyone at at the conference for making my time in Greece one that I will always remember.  Here is a link to some more pictures on my web site on my trip to Greece!

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,


June 8, 2009

Eating olives, seeing the historical sites, and taking in the spectacular views of Greece: Hello from Athens!

Hello from Athens!!

Me and Kristin at the Temple of Zeus

Me and Kristin at the Temple of Zeus

That is right – I am in the lovely city of Athens in fabulous Greece.  So far, my trip has been absolutely amazing.  I had to fly out of Knoxville to Charlotte, North Carolina, where I took a flight to Munich.  I have never been to Munich before, so I was very excited about it.  I arrived early in the morning in Munich and had to re-check in for my flight to Athens.  I am glad that I had some down time to have some fabulous breakfast (an afflebison – yum!) and then I was off to Athens.  I got to Athens Saturday afternoon and took a taxi to the St. George Hotel – and I was greeted by Kristin!  It was so good to see her after seven months!  We headed off to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, but we had to stop and take some fabulous pictures of the Temple of Zeus.  Walking around the streets of Athens, you do get a sense to its history, culture, and overall environment.  I find it amazing to see the tall buildings, and then you see the temples, and it really takes your breath away.

1st day’s pictures — arriving & walking and walking!

2nd day in pictures — our presentation, dancing and great food!

3rd day in pictures — last conference day with a lot more!

4th day in pictures — Temple of Poseidon, Olympic Stadium, Acropolis, Athena

UPDATE: 5th day in pictures — the three island tour!

Mom arrived really early in the morning (she had a long layover in Zurich), and it was a mini family reunion.  Yesterday we walked all over Athens – and the views were just spectacular!  I am not sure how much we walked, but we were out for at least five hours touring around the city!  So, what is up next for us?  Well, the main reason I am here in Athens is to present at the Athens Institute for Education and Research Conference in a few hours.  Well, it is a few hours on Greece time. :)  I am very excited about this opportunity – this is going to be my third research conference in three weeks – I think that it may be a record!  One of the neat things about this conference is that it is very interactive and interdisciplinary – we have psychologists presenting along with communication experts and economists.  Plus, it is a great way to do some international networking – we are going to have many social occasions to do this – from having a traditional Greek dinner to touring around the Greek Islands – it is going to be very neat!

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,


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