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February 12, 2012

readings in social media and pr for 12 february 2012

Here is what I am reading today:

“Whether you spent yesterday in a crowded establishment with strangers or in a cozy living room with close friends, many of us were busy watching the biggest game in football for the year, the Super Bowl.  What makes this year different than last? Well the social media element is no longer an added bonus but an engrained part of the game.”

Here is the video of Monica’s presentation in Amsterdam with efforts by me and Allison!

“When a magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck the Philippines Monday, residents and local media outlets used Twitter and Facebook to alert residents and quell tsunami-inspired panic.”

“What you might not know is that the hearts are part of a mobile augmented reality program. The chain has updated its Cup Magic iPhone and Android app from the holidays with a Valentine’s Day twist: If you have the app and put the cups within your phone’s field of vision, your phone will display images of heart-shaped flower petals flying off the cup. You can also send a video of the scene to your beloved via email or Facebook.”

“Content marketing was a top priority for businesses in 2011, and it is going to remain so in 2012. That’s according to a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, a marketing education and research company. “

infographic on social media job salaries

January 25, 2012

UPDATES in social media and pr for 25 January 2012

Click on the above picture for the BOBCATSSS 2012 conference in Amsterdam! Congrats to first Monica Colon-Aguirre and the team!

Here is what I am reading today!:

“If you’ve ever been watching a movie or attending a concert and someone’s ringtone interrupts the proceedings, you’ll appreciate this video that’s recently gone viral on YouTube. As Slovakian musician Lukáš Kmit played a beautiful piece on his viola, suddenly the obnoxious Nokia ringtone blasted through the reverie. What a wonderful reaction he had!”

“Here’s what your life in PR and social media measurement will be like this year.

#1. You will adapt or you will die, part one.

Flexibility will win out over price of measurement vendors. The ability to adapt to changing influencer lists, media lists, etc., will become a primary differentiator for which companies win contracts.”

“Nestle has made a major change to its market research budget, putting a major focus on contests and games. The famed food company is preparing to launch a new crowdsourced campaign that will help it find four new flavors for their popular Kit Kat brand of candy. The new campaign will reflect the change in Nestle’s marketing focus as it will task consumers with determining what these four flavors will be. To accomplish this, the company is adopting augmented reality.”

“If you’ve ever returned from a business trip with a stack of business cards, you’ve no doubt wondered — as you’re manually typing in all those names, phone numbers and email addresses — if there’s a better way.”

“Today, mobile apps enable a business owner to manage his entire operation from the palm of his hand. They also allow consumers to interact, communicate and purchase products with ease, something app developers should certainly take note of when developing around trends and needs.”

“Gym brand LA Fitness has suffered a torrid night in the social media-verse after adverse publicity surrounding unwanted membership contracts.”

“Today’s infographic emphasizes how a localized online presence affects a business’s growth, suggesting that utilizing social media, businesses are able to cultivate greater customer loyalty”

“Super Bowl XLVI host city Indianapolis has concocted a new way to deal with the madness that comes with managing the world’s biggest annual sporting event.

The solution? The Super Bowl’s first-ever social media command center.”

“Here is a nice social integration campaign from Air China. In order to increase consumer awareness about the airline’s flight services to Sweden and throughout the extended Asian region, Air China launched a campaign around Facebook check-ins.”

“Have you ever considered the ways a blog can help you get a job? I meet lots of young people entering the work force and I always recommend blogging as a way to get ahead—in almost any career. Here’s why:”

Did you know that there are 143 million bloggers on the internet



January 9, 2012

Social media firestorm for Papa John’s over receipt heard around Twitter & social media

With every business and company, you have to be aware of all of the potential crises and issues you may experience – even those that you feel have no chance of happening whatsoever.  Not being proactive in addressing these types of behavior can lead to even bigger issues and manifest into a crisis situation.

Papa John’s recently experienced a crisis that could have certainly been avoided.  A customer, Minhee Cho (who is also a communications professional in Manhattan) went to a Papa Johns and made her order, and when she got her receipt, it read that the order was for “lady chinky eyes.” Ms. Cho went and took a photo of the receipt and uploaded via Twitpic – which immediately got thousands of RTs and comments via Twitter.

Papa John’s immediately apologized via Twitter and issued the following statement: “The matter was addressed and discussed immediately with the guests on the spot; and a confirmation was provided that the employee was immediately dismissed for the individual behavior.”

YouTube Preview Image

Papa John’s has been very proactive via social media and was considered as one of the top emerging brands via social media just a few years ago. They have done a great job with integrating digital storytelling into their videos via YouTube as well as experiment with augmented reality applications. However, there are other similar incidents that emerged within the fast food industry and other brands that shows the risk of this type of behavior.  Look at what happened with Domino’s and their YouTube crisis – employees across all levels of an organization are the face of the brand and they do represent the overall reputation of the company.

There are several key lessons from this case study.  Employees are part of the brand – so they have to be educated and trained both in their job as well as how they present themselves off and online. Secondly, anyone can post anything online with a click of a button – and what is posted online is for the world to see.  Anyone can create content to upload virtually that can be shared within their community – and impressions are immediately made by the actions taken by the corporation.

In summary, understanding that this situation could have been prevented is also something that should be recognized and incorporated into part of the crisis communications simulation training with new media.  The crisis team for Papa John’s should review this case and adapt their plans for looking for any early warning signs in their various locations (training the managers to monitor employee behavior) and increase the communication and education opportunities internally across the various chain locations.  It will be interesting to see how this eventually plays out – especially since the headquarters of Papa John’s is located here in Louisville.

Hope you all are having a great day.

Best Wishes,



December 27, 2011

social media and pr readings for 27 december 2011

PLANET EATER cinnamon rolls! CLICK on picture to view recipe!

Here is what I am reading today:

“Just as important as monitoring what other people say about your business is being mindful of what content your company puts online. To build a good online reputation, you need to have well thought-out blog posts and a smart social media strategy. Set high standards for internal communication as well, since you never know when a jokey all-staff email could end up posted online for everyone to see.”

“Lacta Chocolate have produced some innovative campaigns over the last 12 months, and next up is this interesting Augmented Reality piece that allows you to send love messages that are activated via image recognition over any Lacta Chocolate wrapper. (created by OgilvyOne Athens)”

“Pinterest is a place to organize and share online images that you find interesting or inspiring. Once uploaded or shared on Pinterest, these images become known as Pins, which the user can place on customized, themed Boards. You can create Boards for any topic imaginable, from cats to classic cars to cats driving classic cars. The possibilities are endless. “

“If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple months, you’ve probably at least heard of Pinterest, a social bulletin board where people can easily post visuals they’d like to save and share. Pinterest has built up an impressive following in the stylish scrap-booker set in a short period of time. Marketers and publishers are starting to take notice. “

“According to this infographic, the top three ways businesses in the U.S. are harnessing new media is through Facebook (71 percent), Twitter (59 percent), and blogs (50 percent). “

‘A study has explored the dynamics behind social network sites in recruiting and spreading calls for action that contribute to mass mobilisations in riots, revolutions and protests.”


December 21, 2011

New Job Marketing & Reputation Trend for PR: Augmented Reality Business Cards

Professionals today are thinking about ways to showcase their skills and to separate themselves from the rest of the crowd with the use of new media and technology.  First it was to have a presence online with a website and blog.  Then it was becoming familiar with the application and theory behind social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to name a few.  We then saw the boom in mobile technology with applications like QR Code scanning applications or business card applications. All of these elements help establish your reputation and market yourself in your profession.

So, the question you all may be asking yourself is – what is the next big thing for how to market yourself in 2012?  Well, there may be various predictions and suggestions out there – but I would have to say that the role of augmented reality technology incorporated into some of these traditional marketing strategies will be the next big thing.  One of these new ways to market yourself to future employers or others in your profession and industry is to make an augmented reality business card.  Here is a video showcasing how one agency did this to showcase their business real to future clients and network with others:

YouTube Preview Image

What are some other things you can embed into an augmented reality business card?  Here are a few suggestions you may want to think about:

  • Demo real: Like the example that was shown in the video – you can showcase your video editing skills and photos for the world to see.
  • Interview video:  You may want to provide a video intro ducting yourself to the world in a short video clip that could give others an idea of the person and professional you are.
  • Videos from presentations and conferences:  Along with the interview segment – you can showcase some video clips of you presenting or teaching to show you on the job and working – another way to present yourself to future employers and network with other professionals.
  • Include links to other sites and contact information:  You would want to make sure you highlighted some of the main sites you are part of and make sure to provide a way for others to contact you further on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

These are just a few suggestions – but this new form of technology is going to bring many opportunities to professionals to market themselves in a  new way.  There are some ways to create these cards with augmented reality technology or you can look at how others have done this with their business cards – so it would be good to know how to do this and test it out with your own business cards.  This is definitely something that we will most likely see in the upcoming year at presentations, conferences, networking opportunities, and job interviews.

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,


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